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Taxing Jashoky
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Darphen Wrestle
YOU: Do you have anything for me to do?
Darphen: You need a job?
Darphen: Well, there is an outstanding tax payment by Jashoky Dakarn, for the sum of fifty tria.
Darphen: I can't afford to do the whole journey to the Koberas pass to fetch her minor trifle, so I'd appreciate it if you could do that for me.
Darphen: Would you?
YOU: Yes, I am heading in that direction.
-Darphen nods, a satisfied smile on his face.-
Darphen: I await your return, citizen.
→ Go to Jashoky Dakarn
YOU: Darphen Wrestele sent me regarding an outstanding tax payment.
Jashoky: You be needin' me tax?
Jashoky: Aye, I've been awaitin' a word from Sir Wrestele.
-Jashoky produces an octa from her pocket.-
Jashoky: Here it is.
Jashoky: May Xiosia protect you on thy journey.
-Jashoky smiles at you.-
→ Go to Darphen Wrestle
YOU: Here's the payment.
-Darphen pockets the coin.-
Darphen: Here, a small payment for the service you did.
Darphen: I will remember you, Enkidukai.
Rewards: Nothing.