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Teeth for Trasok
Required: 2 Tefusang Teeth.
→ Go to Trasok Starhammer
YOU: What are you doing?
Trasok: I think I've figured out a way for me to compete with the quality of Harnquist's weapons!
Trasok: I'm great at making axes, battle axes and the like, but their quality is sometimes lower than the swords made by Harnquist.
Trasok: A wizard friend of mine told me he could help me forge a great weapon with some special ingredients, and I want to try!
Trasok: I just need a few Tefusang teeth to use in my experiment.
Trasok: Can you bring me two?
YOU: Yes, I can do that for you.
Trasok: Ah, wonderful!
Trasok: Please hurry back with those teeth.
Trasok: I can't wait to see the results!
YOU: The teeth you requested.
Trasok: Oh, wonderful, wonderful!
Trasok: I'll get started right away!
Trasok: Thank you so much!
Trasok: Here, take this for your trouble.
Trasok: I'm going to create this weapon.
Trasok: In the meantime you can study the basics of Axe making.
Trasok: It's not that hard, considering you already know a bit about metallurgy and sword making.
Trasok: The process is somewhat similar, but you need the proper book.
Trasok: I have a copy here somewhere.
-Trasok digs about beneath his work top.-
Trasok: Ah here it is.
Trasok: Come back to me when you made one Small Battle Axe!
Rewards: 1 Notes of an Axe Maker, 25 Faction with Smith Association, 13600 XP.