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Terea's Gloves
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Terea Lohdren
YOU: Do you need anything?
-Terea gestures at her arm, which has several scratches on it.-
Terea: I've ruined my last pair of gloves, and now I have to handle my birds without any protection.
Terea: I ordered some from Jeyarp a while ago and even paid for them in advance.
Terea: Can you pick up the finished gloves for me?
YOU: Yes, I will get them for you.
Terea: Thank you.
Terea: I need to look after some birds soon, so please be quick.
Terea: Simply tell Jeyarp that I sent you.
→ Go to Jeyarp Grotemey
YOU: Terea Lohdren sent me for some gloves.
-Jeyarp produces a pair of gloves.-
Jeyarp: I have her gloves ready.
Jeyarp: Here they are.
→ Go to Terea Lohdren
YOU: I have some gloves for you.
-Terea smiles at you and hands you some coins.-
Terea: Many thanks.
Terea: If you ever need a favour, simply ask.
Rewards: 1000 Tria, 8000 XP.