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The Azure Circle Awaits
Required: Rank 30 Azure Way, 1 Apprentice's Azure Way Wand, 5 Consumer Antennae.
→ Go to Jayose
YOU: Here is my Azure Way Wand, I want to learn more.
Jayose: Ah!
Jayose: You are an expert now!
Jayose: I taught you as much as I know.
-Jayose smiles in a friendly manner.-
Jayose: But you need my reference to meet the Archmaster of the Azure Way.
Jayose: Do you think you have earned it?
YOU: Yes, sure.
Jayose: Is this confidence or arrogance?
-Jayose blinks.-
Jayose: Let's say that yes, you earned enough of my trust.
Jayose: But I need one last task from you, I'm studying minds and communication of some creatures.
Jayose: And now I need materials to study it.
Jayose: So, to make it short, I need five consumer antennae.
YOU: Fine, I'm going to get them.
Jayose: I like your goal oriented attitude.
Jayose: You will find the antennae on Consumers.
Jayose: They are monsters, you can search for them in the wilderness.
Jayose: Look in their bodies and tear up their antennae.
Jayose: It could be gruesome, but I need them to analyze minds of strange creatures.
YOU: Here are the antennae, I hope you will enjoy them.
Jayose: Ah, that wasn't hard I hope.
-Jayose smiles, taking the antennae.-
Jayose: Now it's time to meet the Archmaster of the Azure Circle, so you can become an official Apprentice.
Jayose: Are you ready to know her?
YOU: I'm ready.
Jayose: The Archmaster will lead you to greater knowledge.
Jayose: She will show the path to become a real member, unlike me.
Jayose: I am only an intermediary, and now your path goes beyond me.
Jayose: Your knowledge and your powers grant you access to the next step.
Jayose: When you are ready, go and talk to Menita.
Jayose: She travels much, but I think you can find her in Dsar Kore of Ojaveda.
Jayose: No more chatting now.
Jayose: She is waiting for you.
→ Go to Menita
YOU: Please take this Way Wand as proof of my dedication to Azure Way.
-Menita gazes upon you for long seconds.-
-Her pupils glow with cold light, they seem to became bigger and bigger.-
-Then she half closes her eyes, and, slowly, she hands back your wand.-
YOU: Did I fail in something?
-Menita raises one finger, and moves it in front of her lips. Slowly. No expression.-
-Her face looks relaxed, while she seems to look you from far away.-
Menita: Clear your mind.
-Her voice is firm. Her body looks like an ice statue, not even breathing.-
Menita: I can feel your desires, YOU.
Menita: Your struggles.
-Menita lowers her finger, taking a deep breath.-
Menita: You come here with a goal, a desire to follow a path.
Menita: Our path.
Menita: But your mind is still heavy; you need focus to gain mastery.
Menita: Drop away the unnecessary.
-Her eyes close, her head tips.-
-You are unsure, maybe you see a faint smile. But it vanishes when her eyes open again, two windows showing a distant world.-
Menita: Your spirit is full of questions, and your mind has some answers.
Menita: Are they really necessary?
Menita: You built balance, power and knowledge until now, trying to follow your path.
Menita: And the road is still long.
-She pauses, the faint smile arises again.-
Menita: I cannot say if you will fail, or succeed.
Menita: This is interesting, and perhaps dangerous.
-She hands you a glyph.-
Menita: Take it, so you can increase your power and knowledge.
-Menita closes her eyes, remaining silent.-
Menita: Your path now leads to Vorigna Tassen here in Dsar Kore, show her your Azure wand.
Menita: She is expecting you.
Rewards: 1 Sound glyph, 10 Faction with Azure Order, 8000 XP.