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The Azure Way
Required: 1 Way Amulet.
→ Go to Jayose
YOU: Hello Jayose, Levrus sent me to see you.
Jayose: Levrus, was it?
Jayose: He sent you here.
Jayose: That old ranting peddler.
Jayose: I assume you are here to learn about the Azure Way.
Jayose: Aren't you?
-Jayose raises a hand, before you can answer.-
Jayose: Not so fast.
Jayose: Our Circle accepts only fully committed students, because we expect very much from them.
Jayose: You have to dedicate yourself to Azure Way…
Jayose: And I mean Azure Way only.
Jayose: Every other Way will be prohibited.
Jayose: If you gain higher levels of knowledge in other Circles the penalty will be banishment.
-Jayose pauses, looking to your reaction.-
Jayose: You can answer now.
Jayose: Do you want to become an initiate of the Azure Way?
YOU: Yes, I want to become an initiate of the Azure Way.
-Jayose gazes upon you and nods, slowly.-
Jayose: The rules are simple.
Jayose: Do what I say until you pass to the next level of training.
-Jayose grins.-
Jayose: So, are you ready to get started?
Jayose: But before we do, do you have something for me?
YOU: Here you are and I am ready!
Jayose: Hey be careful with that item.
-Jayose catches the amulet to examine it.-
Jayose: This is the right attitude.
-Jayose smiles for a second.-
Jayose: People come here every day.
Jayose: Every one of them is worried, because they are searching the answers.
Jayose: But they do not know…
-Jayose waits, looking into your eyes.-
Jayose: Directions.
Jayose: This is what you need.
Jayose: And this is what I'll give you.
Jayose: First step: go to Levrus, so he will teach the foundations of the Azure Way.
Jayose: When Levrus cannot teach you anymore you will understand that your foundations are solid.
Jayose: At that time return to me for advanced training.
Jayose: Study and practice will bring you to excellence if you show enough purpose.
Jayose: Now one last test before you start.
Jayose: I frown on these things but the Archmages want it included.
Jayose: I cannot be felt, seen or touched; yet I can be found in everybody; I am not a key; yet I can open many locks; I have an edge that will dull, but no stone can it sharpen.
Jayose: What am I?
YOU: mind
Jayose: Yes, of course it is.
Jayose: Now with that foolishness complete.
-Jayose searches in a sack and gets a wand.-
Jayose: Take this.
Jayose: In the future, when you will need no more of my teachings, bring this wand back to me and I will give you the name of the next master.
Jayose: Any questions?
YOU: I want to start!
Jayose: At last.
Jayose: Take this wand.
Jayose: Concentrate on the path of the Azure Way to make us proud of you.
-Jayose clenches his hands.-
Jayose: A last thing.
Jayose: Usually the initiates of the Azure Way are relentless students, but sometimes…
-Jayose tightens the lips.-
Jayose: Sometimes one of them changes his mind, and decides to join another Circle.
Jayose: In that case return the Azure Way wand to Levrus.
Jayose: Maybe he will grant you another opportunity.
Jayose: Now go, you know the road.
Rewards: 1 Apprentice's Azure Way Wand, 5 Faction with Azure Order, 8000 XP.