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The Blue Way Adept
Required: Rank 60 Blue Way, 2 Apprentice's Blue Way Wands, 10 Greater Potion of Healing.
→ Go to Tarmeen Alecheech
YOU: Please accept my Way Wand plus another as requested.
Tarmeen: Perfect!
Tarmeen: Congratulations are in order.
Tarmeen: You will soon no longer be an initiate in the Blue Way.
Tarmeen: In no way this mean you know it all either, you still have a long journey ahead of you.
-Tarmeen hands back one wand.-
Tarmeen: Return this to your fellow student while I prepare your new wand.
-Tarmeen shakes his head.-
Tarmeen: Now where was I?
Tarmeen: Oh yes, in your time with me I would require you to prove your commitment to the Blue Way and myself as your trainer by doing small tasks every now and then.
Tarmeen: I expect you to do as I say without questioning.
Tarmeen: We will begin right now.
Tarmeen: Deliver this progress report to our Archmage.
Tarmeen: In addition on your way back get for me ten greater healing potions.
Tarmeen: I will explain more later.
→ Go to Barrin Dhorod
YOU: Your report, sir.
Barrin: Congratulations on your achievement YOU.
-Barrin sets the report aside.-
Barrin: These reports tell me how your Blue Way studies are progressing.
Barrin: So far, so good.
Barrin: Perhaps one day you will be proficient enough to aid me in my studies to discover spells that utilize four glyphs.
-Barrin grins.-
Barrin: For now, you may return to Tarmeen to continue your training.
→ Go to Tarmeen Alecheech
YOU: Here are the ten Greater Potion of healing you wanted.
Tarmeen: Thank you.
Tarmeen: Pawprech is having some trouble with his herd that appears to be Crystal Way related; nothing to do with you.
Tarmeen: I will get this over to him soon.
-Tarmeen removes a scroll and starts reading it.-
Tarmeen: There are two glyphs you will need to know about for the next section of your testing.
Tarmeen: This riddle is a test of intelligence to determine what you shall need.
-Tarmeen moves his finger down a list before clearing his throat.-
Tarmeen: A perfect Sphere, the perfect Object will Poison the mind, that there is no end.
-Tarmeen puts away the list.-
Tarmeen: Now, for your last task as an apprentice, I want you to return your Apprentice's Blue Way Wand to Levrus.
Tarmeen: Return to me after you have done so and I will have your first Adept item ready.
→ Go to Levrus Dahrenn
YOU: Can I exchange this wand?
Levrus: A wand?
Levrus: Now, what would I do with such a thing?
Levrus: I am in spectacular shape and my trousers fit quite nicely.
Levrus: Made by the finest tailors, you see.
Levrus: But, since you are offering it too me, I can not refuse.
-Levrus takes a familiar box from under his counter and drops your wand in, then shakes it from side to side.-
Levrus: What is this?
Levrus: I seem to have a few items in here already.
Levrus: And one is another wand.
Levrus: Imagine that.
Levrus: I do wonder where they keep coming from.
Levrus: Well, I suppose I can offer them to you.
Levrus: If you don't want either of them, take this pie.
→ Go to Tarmeen Alecheech
YOU: I have returned.
-Tarmeen removes a wand from a bag and gives it to you.-
Tarmeen: Here is your new wand, stronger and more powerful than your previous one.
Tarmeen: Be sure you have returned the other lower wand to the person who gave it to you.
Tarmeen: Do not forget to train, because you will need a sufficient level of Blue Way skill before returning and handing me your wand as a sign that you are ready to continue you’re testing.
Tarmeen: Also, I highly recommend obtaining and researching the two glyphs in my riddle.
Tarmeen: Farewell, Adept.
Rewards: 1 Apprentice's Brown Way Wand, 1 Apprentice's Crystal Way Wand[OR], 1 Pie[OR], 1 Adept's Blue Way Wand, 25 Faction with Blue Order, 13600 XP.