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The Blue Way Apprentice
Required: Rank 10 Blue Way, 1 Apprentice's Blue Way Wand.
→ Go to Sharven Xant-Areth
YOU: Please accept my Way Wand as proof of being a student.
Sharven: A new student?
Sharven: Welcome.
Sharven: You will begin your Blue Way Circle training under my supervision.
Sharven: Due to time constraints, I may need you to do a task for me from time to time so I don't fall behind in my other work.
-Sharven marks of something on his list before handing you back the wand.-
Sharven: Please keep it for now.
Sharven: Return it to me whenever you're ready for some lessons.
Sharven: Now, let's start with something easy.
Sharven: Give special attention to this starting lesson, because, at the end, I will have a question for you.
Sharven: Let's begin.
Sharven: Life is like a continuous flow, wave after wave.
Sharven: Yes, waves, like the life that's always changing.
Sharven: There's no wave like the others before.
Sharven: So are experiences in life.
Sharven: Some are similar, but none are the same.
Sharven: Let me introduce a riddle: “Ever changing, fluent and symbol of life, what is it?”
YOU: water
Sharven: Easy, isn't it?
Sharven: Take in mind this element and use its positive features while you grow up following the Blue Way.
Sharven: When you find an obstacle, be fluid.
Sharven: When your attitude is still, change it, for growing.
Sharven: Endure.
Sharven: Also the calmest river will mold the hardest rock, because it will never surrender.
-Sharven nods and removes a report from under his notes.-
Sharven: I have also a more material task for you.
Sharven: Deliver this report to Archmage Barrin Dhorod.
Sharven: With a basic understanding of the Blue Way you may return and continue to assist me with some tasks.
→ Go to Barrin Dhorod
YOU: I believe you are waiting on this report?
-Barrin raises a hand towards you to tell you to wait, then waves the hand over a sword he is holding.-
Barrin: Blee, Blye, BLUE!
-Blue flame now surrounds a blade in Barrin's hands.-
Barrin: Well, you know, it worked.
-Barrin waves a hand over the blade again and the flame goes out.-
Barrin: Pretty, but useless.
Barrin: The words are not needed either, but I like them.
Barrin: Now let’s see what you want from the Archmaster of the Blue Way.
-Barrin reads the report.-
Barrin: A new Blue Way student?
Barrin: Why didn't you say so?
Barrin: You are in for a treat indeed.
Barrin: The Blue Way is both rewarding and exciting.
-Barrin eyes light up as he utters those few words.-
Barrin: Now I am very, very busy with my experiments, so you may return to Sharven for further advancement.
Barrin: Be sure you have trained enough in Blue Way before you give him your wand, or he will not continue your testing.
Rewards: 1 Water glyph, 10 Faction with Blue Order, 9400 XP.