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The Blue Way Master
Required: Rank 150 Blue Way, 1 Master's Blue Way Wand, 1 Master's Brown Way Bracers, 1 Master's Crystal Way Bracers, 1 Adept's Blue Way Robe.
→ Go to Barrin Dhorod
YOU: The Bracers as requested, sir.
Barrin: Dedication and perseverance gave you wisdom.
Barrin: You have reached a point where I can give you no more.
Barrin: Only the world now can teach you more lessons.
Barrin: You are a full Master of the Blue Way.
-Barrin takes the Brown Way bracers and examines them carefully. Then he nods, slowly.-
Barrin: I chose to become a mage because I heard many stories.
Barrin: Tales about the greatest Blue Way Master ever lived.
Barrin: You know?
Barrin: Sometimes I think about what I'd become otherwise.
-Barrin takes a long and slow breath, before giving you back the items.-
Barrin: Return these to their owners, as soon as you can.
Barrin: They will need them.
Barrin: Give me your last Adept item, please.
YOU: My robe as requested, sir.
-Barrin folds the robe, while his eyes look in yours.-
Barrin: As a Master of the Blue Circle you are allowed to learn about our history and our secrets.
Barrin: Are you interested to hear them?
YOU: Yes, please.
Barrin: Very well.
Barrin: I was sure of your interest.
Barrin: Would you like to talk about our history?
-Barrin half closes his eyes-
Barrin: …
Barrin: or about our secrets?
YOU: Tell me about the secrets.
Barrin: The secrets I want to tell are for your ears, and for very few others.
Barrin: Only people who proved themselves can manage to keep a secret like the one I'm going to tell you.
Barrin: The danger in it can harm many lives, not only your own.
Barrin: So you are allowed to discuss them only with the highest levels of the Circles.
Barrin: Full masters of every Way.
-Barrin pauses, looking in your eyes.-
Barrin: The texts in the Sanctuary hold knowledge about all the Ways, about artifacts of power…
Barrin: And it contains the complete version of this secret too.
Barrin: The position, even the existence of the Sanctuary, is closed to the citizen.
Barrin: Secrets hidden in other secrets.
Barrin: I need your word.
Barrin: Tell me you will never share this knowledge outside the Masters of the Circles.
YOU: Yes, sir.
Barrin: The first secret is the Seventh Way.
Barrin: Until now I assume you know only six Ways, but there is a Seventh.
Barrin: The Seventh is the essence of all the other Ways, but is also none of them.
Barrin: It is magic without the glyphs created by Talad.
Barrin: This is 'Wild' magic, something outside the rules of the gods.
Barrin: Diaboli used it, since they are the only race who cast magic before arriving in Yliakum.
-The tone of Barrin grows stern.-
Barrin: Be careful, and pay special attention to my next words.
Barrin: Your level of power will give you sense of the existence of the Seventh Way.
Barrin: Temptation will strike you.
Barrin: And you have to fight it.
Barrin: Otherwise 'Wild' magic will wipe out your very soul.
Barrin: You will be put to True Death if the Seventh Way does not destroy you first.
Barrin: Is this understood?
YOU: Yes, Sir.
Barrin: The dangers of the Seventh Way go beyond your imagination.
Barrin: Two mages have attempted to master it up until today, and they suffered a fate I would wish on no one.
-Barrin pauses, his gaze is firm.-
Barrin: Now, I have to tell you about another hidden knowledge.
Barrin: Something not even I wish to know, a threat to existence itself.
Barrin: The Circles, especially the Masters, are fighting a war against this Dark entity.
Barrin: These battles are hidden to the eye of the people of Yliakum, but you have to know.
Barrin: Our enemy is called the BlackFlame.
Barrin: Have you ever heard about it?
YOU: Not even a clue.
Barrin: I wish to fill the pool of your knowledge.
Barrin: None knows for sure what is the BlackFlame.
Barrin: Someone supposes it is a god.
Barrin: While others assume it is a force of destruction.
Barrin: I have not the answer to what is the BlackFlame, but I can say that its touch infects and deprives the creations of the other Ways.
Barrin: Your path will surely teach you more about this, maybe it will grant you access to the Vault of Ages in Arden.
Barrin: Even I had that privilege only once.
Barrin: I was allowed to catch a glimpse of what is kept in the Vault of Ages, no more.
Barrin: That day I discovered…
-Barrin closes his eyes for some second.-
Barrin: Much of the past is hidden, and I did not know why, until my visit in Arden.
-Barrin takes a long breath.-
Barrin: You will understand, for yourself.
Barrin: Not today, but when your time will come.
Barrin: Well then, one last formality.
-Barrin puts away the old robe and opens a sack, taking out a new robe. He offers it to you.-
Barrin: This will prove the mastery you gained in the Blue Way.
Barrin: Make a good use of it, Daceane.
Barrin: And take this.
-Barrin hands you an amulet.-
Barrin: Bring it to Levrus, one final lesson awaits you there.
Rewards: 1 Master's Blue Way Robe, 1 Master of Ways Amulet, 50 Faction with Blue Order, 20600 XP.