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The Brown Way Apprentice
Required: Rank 10 Brown Way, 1 Brown Way Apprentice's Wand.
→ Go to Jardet Forsill
YOU: I am here to train, here is my wand as proof of being a worthy student.
Jardet: Welcome student.
-Jardet hands back the wand with a smile.-
Jardet: The goal of Brown Way is not only to understand and follow the rules of nature.
Jardet: We're people who train themselves to protect these lands.
-Jardet puts his fist on his chest.-
Jardet: We've to be steady and strong like rocks.
Jardet: So, I want to ask you a question, before proceeding: what lies beyond the Bronze Doors?
YOU: labyrinth
Jardet: Exactly.
Jardet: The Stone Labyrinths are source of food and a source of other materials too, especially magic material.
Jardet: Do you understand this lesson?
-Jardet raises a hand without giving you time to answer.-
Jardet: Protection is not a simple matter, because you can't protect everything.
Jardet: So, as a Brown Way member, you've to understand what is worth your protection.
Jardet: Like an important place as the Bronze Doors.
-Jardet nods, like pondering about his own words.-
Jardet: Now, before you continue your training with me I want to make sure you are known by our Brown Way Archmage.
Jardet: So please take Mulgik this report.
-Jardet hands over the report.-
Jardet: Then return here to me to improve your Brown Way level of skill.
→ Go to Mulgik
YOU: Here is the report from Jardet.
-Mulgik looks at the report.-
Mulgik: Talad brings you back to me once again.
Mulgik: So you have chosen the Brown Way after all.
Mulgik: I see good things in you, Sir Enkidukai.
Mulgik: You may return to Jardet with your wand now.
Mulgik: Be sure you train first, though, as he will not be able to give you your first test if you are not skilled enough.
Rewards: 5 Faction with Brown Order, 8000 XP.