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The Carkarass Shield
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Veja Pontor
YOU: Hello Veja, got a job for me?
Veja: Wait.
-Veja keeps reading a big book, the frown on her forehead growing bigger over time.-
Veja: This makes no sense…I've never heard of anyone getting such a thing.
-Veja looks up.-
Veja: Oh, you're still there.
Veja: Sorry, you would like to help me, you say?
YOU: Of course, that's why I asked.
Veja: Good, good…
-Veja keeps a hand on the book and studies YOU.-
Veja: I've got an important job.
Veja: Would you like, thousands of Tria, rivers of Tria?
-Veja seems thrilled and nervous, all at the same time.-
Veja: But I have a big problem, a very big one, yes.
Veja: I need to get a carkarass stinger, or poisonous barb.
Veja: Of course you can only get them from the poisonous variety.
Veja: But don't go killing one, now.
Veja: You'd probably ruin it.
-Veja thinks a bit.-
Veja: Yes!
Veja: Yes…
Veja: Ask Liera, right?
Veja: She will know about them for sure.
→ Go to Liera Zireti
YOU: Tell me about Carkarass stingers.
Liera: Well, the carkarass stinger ain't something easy to come by.
Liera: It's also…controlled.
Liera: And I mean, if they catch you without a permit, you can be sent to jail.
Liera: I know poison carkarass stingers are used in potent venoms.
Liera: I don't think any of them are used to kill, but you know, even an overdose of water could, eh?
-Liera gives YOU a playful wink.-
Liera: Anyways, who needs it?
YOU: Veja Pontor asked me to get one.
Liera: Now I really wonder why would she use such a thing in her trade.
Liera: But, it's her job, and who am I to inquire?
Liera: Sadly, I don't have one here, I'm out of stock.
Liera: But I know for sure Vladovic in Ojaveda will have some.
Liera: You will need a permit from the guard lieutenant to carry such a thing, so you'd better go see Jefecra first.
→ Go to Jefecra Harcrit
YOU: I need a special permit.
Jefecra: What for?
Jefecra: And who told you to get one?
YOU: Liera Zireti needs me to get a Carkarass stinger from Vladovic in Ojaveda.
Jefecra: I'll send a guard to ask her just to make sure you're not lying.
Jefecra: I'll give you the permit now, but if we find out you weren't honest, you'll be severely punished.
Jefecra: Animal venom is strictly regulated, just so you know.
-Jefecra finds a parchment, takes a quick look at it and signs it. Then he hands it to you.-
Jefecra: Show this permit to Pinayet Ullavin once you have what you're looking for.
→ Go to Vladovic Chel-Astra
YOU: I'm looking for a Carkarass stinger.
Vladovic: Why on Yliakum would you need such a thing?
Vladovic: Well, never mind, I hope you really know what you're doing.
-Vladovic puts on a pair of thick gloves and starts rummaging through a sack, taking a small stinger and slipping it into a small leather pouch.-
Vladovic: Here you go.
Vladovic: Careful, it's still poisonous.
Vladovic: I have a lot more, so this one will be for free.
→ Go to Pinayet Ullavin
YOU: Please, read this.
Pinayet: What is this?
-Pinayet starts reading and nods.-
Pinayet: Alright, I see.
Pinayet: Seems to be in order.
Pinayet: Dangerous stuff, I do hope you are careful with this.
-Pinayet signs the permit.-
Pinayet: Present it to Jefecra promptly.
→ Go to Jefecra Harcrit
YOU: The permit, signed by Pinayet.
Jefecra: Very good.
Jefecra: You may now go to Liera and give her what she needs.
→ Go to Liera Zireti
YOU: I have the stinger here.
Liera: Well, that's good, but it was Veja who wanted it.
Liera: Oh, now that you're here, please tell her to be careful with it.
Liera: I'm not sure I have an antidote for it.
→ Go to Veja Pontor
YOU: The Carkarass stinger, as you asked.
-Veja snatches the pouch quickly and starts working on a shield spike carefully, her expert hands attaching the poisonous barb to it.-
Veja: Yes, excellent…
Veja: You've done very well!
Veja: Look, I wrote a copy of this book for myself, but since you've helped me so much, you can have it.
Veja: Of course it doesn't ask you to use Carkarass parts.
-Veja winks at you and snickers, passing you a book.-
Veja: Enjoy it!
Rewards: 1 Stinger Shield Diagram, 20 Faction with Crafting Association, 7310 Tria, 12200 XP.