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The Crystal Way Apprentice
Required: Rank 30 Crystal Way, 1 Apprentice's Crystal Way Wand.
→ Go to Sharven Xant-Areth
YOU: Please have my Way Wand as proof of being a student.
Sharven: A new student?
Sharven: Welcome.
Sharven: I am very busy, but will be the first Circle member to oversee your training.
-Sharven nods, giving you back the wand.-
Sharven: I may need you to do small tasks for me from time to time during your training so I don't fall behind in my other works.
Sharven: The first thing I need from you is to give a message to Trasok Starhammer.
YOU: What is the message?
Sharven: Wait a second, I have a lesson for you.
Sharven: The Crystal Way Order helps people.
Sharven: And I mean every one.
Sharven: So if you ever find anyone in need, even a Dark Way member, help him.
Sharven: We will fight only if someone is directly harming someone.
Sharven: Understood?
YOU: Yes I understand.
Sharven: Very well, because you will bring the message to one member of the Red Way order.
Sharven: To Trasok Starhammer.
Sharven: Tell him that I'll be glad to help him.
Sharven: I'm waiting for him here.
Sharven: And return here when you're done.
→ Go to Trasok Starhammer
YOU: Sharven wants to help you, he is waiting for you at his place.
Trasok: What?
-Trasok eyes opens wide.-
Trasok: He dares to summon me?
-Trasok stares you, angrily.-
Trasok: And he sent you!
Trasok: A student?
-Trasok grinds his' teeth. Then he takes a long breath.-
Trasok: Very well.
Trasok: Tell to him that he is an hypocrite.
Trasok: I am the one who was waiting for him to come.
Trasok: And what did he do?
Trasok: He summons me!
Trasok: Return to him and tell Sharven to come.
YOU: What is the problem?
Trasok: The problem is deep and unforgivable hipocrisy.
-Trasok growls, slowly.-
Trasok: I have headache and I have difficult to sleep these days.
Trasok: Nothing serious, but I'd like some easy healing.
→ Go to Sharven Xant-Areth
YOU: Trasok says that he want you to go there and help him.
-Sharven smiles, sadly.-
Sharven: I thought he changed from the last time, but he is the same.
Sharven: Nevermind.
Sharven: Do not think about him anymore.
Sharven: If you have nothing else to report, I'd like you to meet our Archmaster.
YOU: Is Trasok your friend?
Sharven: Did he tell you so?
-Sharven sobs.-
Sharven: Yes.
Sharven: It is true.
Sharven: We took different paths but we use to know each other.
Sharven: He is older and he thinks I owe him obedience.
YOU: Are you going to help Trasok?
Sharven: I am glad you asked me this.
-Sharven nods, proudly.-
Sharven: Remember this lesson.
Sharven: You can help people only if they help themselves first.
Sharven: Otherwise your deeds will be vain.
Sharven: Trasok suffers no serous injury, and if he really wanted my help he should come here.
YOU: I have nothing else to report.
-Sharven removes a sheet from under his notes.-
Sharven: Deliver this report to our Archmage Govell Mihdren.
Sharven: I am certain he would like to introduce you to the Crystal Way.
Sharven: You may return and continue to assist me with some tasks when you have finished with Govell.
Sharven: You will also need few more Glyphs for your next tests.
Sharven: If I recall correctly, Jardet Forsil has one that you will need.
Sharven: I suggest helping him until he thinks you are worthy of the gift.
→ Go to Govell Mihdren
YOU: Here is the report as requested from Sharven.
Govell: Always a pleasure to meet a new student of the Crystal Way.
-Govell sets the report aside.-
Govell: I do not have any task for you at this time.
Govell: You may return to Sharven.
Govell: You are required to hand him your Crystal Way wand to show that you are ready.
Govell: You must have sufficient training before he may give you your next test, though.
Govell: You might like to also go and see Gregori, he needs some help with getting enchanted gems.
Rewards: 10 Faction with Crystal Order, 9400 XP.