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The Cursed Hammer
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Kethzun Guthazik
YOU: You look troubled, can I help?
Kethzun: Do I?
Kethzun: I guess I do.
-Kethzun looks proud as he speaks.-
Kethzun: I'm considered as one of the best crafters around, but, alas!
-His proud demeanor falters, and his headfin lowers a bit.-
Kethzun: I'm in big trouble now.
Kethzun: It seems I've been cursed…
Kethzun: Could you help me, please, Sir?
YOU: Of course I will help you.
Kethzun: Thanks, Enkidukai!
Kethzun: You're indeed a gift from the gods.
Kethzun: It seems I have an enemy and he, she or kra has been enchanting my tools to make my job harder.
Kethzun: Let me tell you more, will you?
YOU: Do tell me more about it, please.
Kethzun: Look, I have this hammer.
-Kethzun waves a hammer, holding it carefully.-
Kethzun: But every time I try to hammer anything with it, it shocks me!
Kethzun: I can't use it, and it's my favorite hammer.
Kethzun: I'd be very grateful if you could identify what kind of hex it might have, and have it removed.
Kethzun: I think Levrus is the best option to start with.
→ Go to Levrus Dahrenn
YOU: Kethzun needs you to find what's wrong with this hammer.
Levrus: Well, let's see, let's see…
-Levrus hits his table lightly with the hammerhead. A soft 'brzap!' sound can be heard, and the mage lets the hammer drop on the table, shaking his hand.-
Levrus: What was that?
Levrus: It tried to zap me!
-Then he picks it up and hammers it again.-
Levrus: “Brzzzzp!”
-Inexplicably, he hits the hammer again, this time with a zap, it recoils and hits him in the head.-
-He rubs his head while looking at the hammer closely and then shakes it.-
Levrus: Hmmm, I am not sure, but it might be that the hammer has been cursed with a Lightning glyph…
-Levrus looks up at you.-
Levrus: I can dispell it for one thousand tria, what do you say?
YOU: Here, the tria. Kethzun sounded very worried.
-Levrus takes the coins and starts casting some spells on the hammer, murmuring some unintelligible words.-
-The hammer starts trembling and glowing red, doing this for a minute. Then stops, making a 'brzsssh…' sound and letting out a puff of smoke.-
-Levrus takes the hammer and hits his table a bit, making sure it's harmless.-
Levrus: Here, your hammer is ready to be used again.
Levrus: See you soon.
→ Go to Kethzun Guthazik
YOU: Here you go, your hammer is operative again!
Kethzun: Oh, that's excellent.
Kethzun: Here, let me give you something for your time, oh, and reimburse you too.
-Kethzun hands you a book and some coins.-
Kethzun: Use them wisely, it pays off.
-Kethzun pauses in thought.-
Kethzun: Still, I am curious who could have done this.
Kethzun: I'm just happy I have my hammer back, you've done plenty already, but do you think you'd be interested in investigating further for me?
YOU: Sure, I'll help you try to figure it out.
Kethzun: Oh wonderful!
Kethzun: I'm afraid I don't know where to begin though.
YOU: Did you leave it unattended or did someone borrow it?
Kethzun: No, though there was this dwarf last week that borrowed a hammer, but I gave him a spare.
Kethzun: At least I thought I did.
Kethzun: Now I'm not so sure.
Kethzun: I don't know his name, though.
Kethzun: He was trying to sell beer.
Kethzun: I saw him talking with Njormik Carpenter.
Kethzun: Maybe he knows him.
→ Go to Njormik Carpenter
YOU: Did you speak with a dwarf last week?
Njormik: Last week?
Njormik: I meet a lot of people.
Njormik: Can you tell me about him?
YOU: Kethzun said he was selling beer.
Njormik: That kind of describes lots of dwarves.
-Njormik smiles.-
Njormik: Ah, but I think I know who you're talking about.
Njormik: I'm afraid I don't know his name, but I saw him go into the tavern.
Njormik: Maybe Jarda would know.
Njormik: He works at the tavern here in town.
Njormik: Hey, interested in one of my wares?
Njormik: I've got great deals on custom furniture.
-Njormik grins.-
→ Go to Jarda Ynarow
YOU: Did you speak with a dwarf selling beer last week?
Jarda: Hmm, perhaps.
Jarda: Lots of brewers come in here thinking they have the greatest brew ever.
-Jarda raises his eyebrows.-
Jarda: Now that I think about it, yes, there was a dwarf who came in here last week who stands out.
Jarda: Why do you ask?
YOU: He may have borrowed Kethzun's hammer.
Jarda: Oh?
Jarda: Kethzun's favorite hammer?
Jarda: He loves that hammer.
-Jarda ponders for a bit then snaps his fingers.-
Jarda: Yes, he was selling beer.
Jarda: He ordered a mug and remarked that his was better.
Jarda: Of course that's what they all say.
Jarda: What was his name…?
Jarda: Normind?
Jarda: Narwig?
Jarda: Something like that.
Jarda: He was headed to Hydlaa.
→ Go to Narwin Molstagh
YOU: Did you borrow Kethzun's hammer?
Narwin: The smithy in Amdeneir?
Narwin: Yes, he gave me a hammer.
Narwin: I was working there for a bit but forgot my hammer.
Narwin: He gave me one but it wasn't very good.
Narwin: I told him I needed to take it to Hydlaa to finish my work and that I'd bring it right back.
Narwin: As I was leaving I saw another just laying there.
Narwin: I decided to switch it.
Narwin: It was only for awhile and I didn't think anyone would even notice.
Narwin: Anyway, I returned it, so what's the problem?
YOU: It was cursed with a spell.
-Narwin raises his thick eyebrows.-
Narwin: Well it wasn't me, I don't deal with magic.
Narwin: It did go missing for a bit.
Narwin: I got worried that it had been stolen, but it turned up a few minutes later.
Narwin: Ask Harnquist about it.
Narwin: Come to think of it, I did get a jolt from it.
Narwin: I thought it was the anvil, but I was really done anyway so that's when I took a quick pterosaur trip to Amdeneir and returned it.
Narwin: I put it back exactly where I found it.
→ Go to Harnquist
YOU: Did you see Narwin working here last week?
Harnquist: Why yes, he was here.
Harnquist: I remember because there was a disturbance.
Harnquist: Narwin has a tendency to hum while he works and it apparently annoyed another.
Harnquist: I believe it was Hamel.
Harnquist: The two had words and I had to break it up.
→ Go to Hamel Warson
YOU: You had an argument with Narwin last week?
Hamel: Ah that trepor kissin'…
Hamel: He may be revered for his great stories of adventure, but I told him to shut up while we were working.
Hamel: Always with the humming.
Hamel: I couldn't take it any more so we had words.
YOU: Did you mess with his hammer?
-Hamel snickers.-
Hamel: I bet that showed him.
-Hamel laughs.-
Hamel: Serves him right for leaving his hammer unattended.
Hamel: I just put a little jump to his work.
-Hamel snickers again.-
Hamel: I'm sure he was shocked.
-Hamel laughs and slaps his knee.-
YOU: The hammer was borrowed.
-Hamel slaps his forehead.-
Hamel: Ugh!
Hamel: The clacker lover doesn't even have the decency to use his own equipment.
Hamel: I apologize for any inconvenience.
Hamel: Had I known it was someone else's…
Hamel: Was the spell removed at least?
YOU: The hammer is back to normal.
Hamel: Ah good.
Hamel: Apologize to the owner for me.
Hamel: It was a silly thing to do.
Hamel: I never meant to cause trouble for anyone else.
→ Go to Kethzun Guthazik
YOU: [You tell Kethzun the story.]
Kethzun: Ah interesting.
Kethzun: So the dwarf took my hammer without me knowing about it.
Kethzun: I was called away for a bit and when I returned, the hammer was on the table here.
Kethzun: I never knew it was gone.
Kethzun: You've helped me tremendously, Enkidukai.
Kethzun: At least now I know I wasn't the intended target.
Kethzun: Here, take this.
-Kethzun grabs a tia pouch and hands it to you.-
Kethzun: And you can have this other shield manual.
Kethzun: With the other one, it should help expand one's shield making experiences nicely.
-Kethzun hands you a war shield manual.-
Rewards: 1 Warrior Shield Diagram, 1 War Shield Diagram, 25 Faction with Crafting Association, 4391 Tria, 23000 XP.