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The Dark Way Apprentice
Required: 1 Apprentice's Dark Way Wand, 1 Death glyph.
[INFO]: You get the glyph back.
→ Go to Oriven Thamel
YOU: Please except my Way Wand as proof of being a student.
-Oriven seems to stare through you, then speaks your name in a menacing tone.-
Oriven: YOU…
Oriven: you had better not be wasting my time.
-Oriven now inspects the wand before handing it back.-
Oriven: The Dark Way is not for the faint at hard or the impatient.
Oriven: It is known that many disasters and epidemics were caused by foolish and impatient practitioners.
Oriven: If for one moment we believe you to be a foolish or impatient student, your training will cease and you will be stripped from all that is Dark Way.
-Oriven writes something on a report and seals it.-
Oriven: Take this to Londris.
Oriven: He will pass it on to our Dark Way Archmage.
Oriven: Then bring me back a dark way glyph used to instill images of the dead into the minds of our enemies.
→ Go to Londris Kolaim
YOU: Here is the report from Oriven.
-Londris nods as he reads the report.-
Londris: Welcome to the ancient way YOU.
Londris: I shall be an intermediary between you and the Dark Way Archmistress until you are deemed worthy to meet her in person.
-Londris holds out his hand with the report as it burst into flame and disappears.-
Londris: She has received it.
Londris: You are sealed to the Dark Way now.
Londris: I assume you have been warned that they will not tolerate foolishness.
Londris: You may leave me now.
→ Go to Oriven Thamel
YOU: I do have that glyph you requested from me.
Oriven: Do you think it will be that simple?
Oriven: You run around, do quests for us and become a master?
Oriven: I want you to understand what means to be one of us.
-Oriven grins.-
Oriven: So a simple question.
Oriven: The place, the realm where we are now is a source of power.
Oriven: We're standing on energy itself.
Oriven: And where do you think it gains his power?
YOU: death
Oriven: Yes.
Oriven: Death.
-A dark glimpse of light passes through the eyes of Oriven.-
Oriven: Everytime anyone dies the Death Realm gains power.
Oriven: I want you to remember this.
Oriven: When you look in the eyes of your friends, and of your foes.
Oriven: When you kill.
Oriven: When you laugh.
Oriven: Always.
-Oriven seems to stares through you while he makes a pause.-
Oriven: Bring me your wand when you think you are strong enough for your next test.
Oriven: You will also need a few glyphs.
Oriven: One is Weakness, which is common.
-Oriven gives a condescending grin.-
Oriven: The other I, well, I will let you figure out what it is, but I am sure one is in Trasok's possession.
Oriven: Someone once passing through here mentioned giving him a Dark Way glyph with many ancient items found on a travel.
Oriven: The old dwarf is not going to just give it to you.
Oriven: Do tasks for him until you earn it.
Oriven: Now be gone.
Rewards: 10 Faction with Dark Order, 9400 XP.