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The Dark Way Beckons
Required: 1 Way Amulet, 1 Death glyph.
[INFO]: You DO NOT get the glyph back!
→ Go to Oriven Thamel
YOU: I'd like to join the Dark Way Circle, I was given this amulet to give you.
Oriven: A gift from a mortal?
Oriven: I do not…
-Oriven shuts his mouth, staring at the amulet. Then he points his cold eyes in yours.-
Oriven: This is not a gift, isn't it?
Oriven: You want something from me.
Oriven: But I have no time to waste with one like you, so I will not repeat myself.
Oriven: If I accept the amulet you will be introduced to the Dark Way Circle.
Oriven: Do you really desire it?
Oriven: If you take this path you will find much more difficulties in the other Ways.
Oriven: Decide now.
Oriven: Do you want to commit yourself to the Dark Way magic and join its Circle, or not?
Oriven: Make your choice.
YOU: My purpose is to became a Dark Way Master.
Oriven: This is your start point then.
Oriven: I suppose you already own a Dark Way Glyph.
Oriven: The one you can find in that pitiful magic shop, where you got this amulet.
Oriven: Give the glyph to me.
YOU: As requested, here is the glyph.
-Oriven eyes narrow, examining the glyph. Then he grins slightly, looking upon you with a firm expression.-
Oriven: I knew you had something like this.
Oriven: Something so weak.
-Oriven puts the glyph in a pouch, then he clenches his hands. After a second he opens them, and a wand pops in the mid-air, floating.-
Oriven: Take this wand, it should help you, Mortal.
Oriven: Your first masters will be Londris Kolaim, then the Dark Wanderer.
Oriven: They have tasks for you, and if you succeed you will gain a proper glyph to train with.
Oriven: Or Perhaps you already had it, I do not mind.
Oriven: In the meantime, if you want, I could teach you some lessons.
Oriven: Now leave.
Oriven: I hate wasting time.
Oriven: Remember, the Dark Crystal never waits.
Rewards: 1 Apprentice's Dark Way Wand, 5 Faction with Dark Order, 8000 XP.