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The Derghir Menace
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Aldaaren Phostle
Aldaaren: The end is near!
YOU: Salutations, I am looking for some work.
Aldaaren: My friend, destruction is close!
Aldaaren: And yet, there are those misled by false truths!
Aldaaren: Woe upon them, for we need to prepare against the coming destruction!
Aldaaren: You, my friend, need to see the truth.
Aldaaren: That fool Jardet Forsill has spread lies about the Derghir that may destroy all of us!
Aldaaren: Go and read all you can find about the Derghir.
Aldaaren: Read my book for the truth, and read the foul lies of Jardet, so you are prepared!
Aldaaren: I wonder whether that fool thinks they have feelings, those abominations.
Aldaaren: Bring me the answer, my friend.
Aldaaren: You will, yes?
YOU: Yes.
Aldaaren: I knew you would, my friend.
[INFO]: Go to Jayose's library and read the book about Derghir in the bookcase right of Durok (your left when facing kra).
→ Go to Aldaaren Phostle
YOU: The Derghir do have feelings.
Aldaaren: Woe upon him, the liar!
Aldaaren: These creatures made of rock feel nothing!
Aldaaren: They only desire our deaths!
Aldaaren: You saw the truth, so are the Derghir a menace in your eyes?
Possible Ways: 2
Way 1:
YOU: Yes they are.
-Aldaaren nods in agreement.-
Aldaaren: We shall prepare ourselves against the coming doom, my friend!
Aldaaren: Destruction is near!
Aldaaren: We have more to do, so come back.
Way 2:
YOU: No they're not.
-Aldaaren shakes his head.-
Aldaaren: The lies have corrupted your mind!
Aldaaren: You might yet be saved, however.
Aldaaren: When you are ready to accept the truth, come back and we will prepare.
Rewards: 8000 XP.