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The Gemming
Required: 10 Emerald Crystals, 10 Gold Ores, 5 Ruby Crystals, 5 Silver Ores.
→ Go to Gurgus Dahnik
YOU: Do you have any errands that need doing?
Gurgus: Hello again, Kran.
-Gurgus smiles.-
Gurgus: Or should I say, hello YOU?
Gurgus: Yes, I have been asking around the village about you.
Gurgus: You have been so helpful to me so far and I wonder if I might impose, rather mightily, once more?
YOU: I would be happy to.
Gurgus: That is so wonderful!
Gurgus: All right, here is the thing…
-Gurgus looks around, motioning you closer as kra lowers kra's voice.-
Gurgus: There has been something on my mind lately that I feel I must do.
Gurgus: The time has come for me to create new life, to undergo the Gemming.
Gurgus: To do this, I must ingest a large amount of rare gems and precious metals.
Gurgus: I will need ten emerald crystals, ten chunks of gold, five ruby crystals, five silver ores, and five hundred tria.
Gurgus: Be sure it is all tria, please, not any other coin.
Gurgus: Just give them to me on your return, please.
YOU: Here are the gems, metals and Tria you wanted.
Gurgus: Yes, yes, these look quite good.
Gurgus: Heheheh…yes, these will make a great snack to nibble in the middle of the night.
-Gurgus laughs and winks, popping a gem into kras mouth and sucking on it.-
Gurgus: Special cravings, you know.
Gurgus: It is so very kind of you to gather all this for me!
Gurgus: However, this was not all that I need.
Gurgus: I must arrange my leave time with my superiors.
Gurgus: While I attend to that, can you do me another favor?
YOU: Tell me what you need and I'll do my best.
Gurgus: Thank you so much, Sir YOU.
Gurgus: I knew an old gemma in my youth who mentored me and taught me the value of honor.
Gurgus: It is a lesson I hold dear to this day.
Gurgus: Kra's name was Korethsa and kra was the guardian of my friend Malco Mokkar.
Gurgus: Please find Malco and ask if I may give Korethsa a namesake.
→ Go to Malco Mokkar
YOU: Gurgus Dahnik is Gemming. Kra would like to name the offspring after Korethsa. Do you agree?
Malco: Gurgus name little Kran for Korethsa?
-Malco grins with the simple joy of a child.-
Malco: Malco think that very good!
Malco: Tell kra Malco happy!
→ Go to Gurgus Dahnik
YOU: Malco thinks it's a wonderful idea.
-Gurgus already seems heavier and looks to be moving slower than before.-
Gurgus: Welcome back, YOU.
Gurgus: Excellent!
Gurgus: You really are being a most helpful friend, YOU.
-Gurgus heaves a rumbling sigh.-
Gurgus: One last matter, and it is too far to travel for me in my…condition.
-Gurgus smiles and gently pats kras chest.-
Gurgus: Would you be willing to help me one last time?
YOU: Absolutely; I enjoy working for you.
Gurgus: I am so glad, thank you.
Gurgus: You see, in my early days in the guard, it was often one of my duties to attend to the needs of visiting merchants.
Gurgus: Watch over them, find them accommodations; things like that.
Gurgus: Anyway, one of these merchants was an up and coming Enkidukai named Jalar Bhundri.
Gurgus: I heard he found a wife some years back.
Gurgus: A pretty little thing, she was.
Gurgus: Frilaa is her name.
Gurgus: Please visit them and tell Jalar I sent you; then ask if he and his wife would be willing to act as guardians to my child at times.
Gurgus: One cannot have too much assistance in raising a child!
→ Go to Frilaa Bhundri
YOU: Gurgus has a favour to ask of you.
-Frilaa looks at you with eyes filled with a heart-wrenching sorrow.-
Frilaa: Whom did you say?
Frilaa: Gurgus?
-Frilaa pauses for a moment…-
Frilaa: My, but that is a name I have not heard in so very long.
Frilaa: Gurgus is a good Gemma; my husband likes kra very much.
Frilaa: What does Gurgus wish of us?
YOU: Kra would like you to help bring up kras offspring.
-Frilaa smiles prettily, a paw resting lightly above her heart.-
Frilaa: How delightful!
Frilaa: But alas, I should speak with my husband and he is still missing.
-Frilaa pauses, looking as though she is fighting back tears.-
Frilaa: I am sorry, what was I saying?
Frilaa: Oh, yes, terrible business that.
Frilaa: Nor is that my only worry of late.
Frilaa: I do not wish to burden you with my troubles, but I must ask someone for help.
Frilaa: Will you hear my tale?
YOU: I am listening.
Frilaa: Oh, Talad bless you.
Frilaa: You see, I have a friend, a very good friend, whom I have not seen in several weeks.
Frilaa: When last we had spoken, she was seeming more and more distant, withdrawn and moody.
Frilaa: Normally, she is a very forthright and stolid woman, but something has changed for her recently.
Frilaa: The problem is she is a messenger and travels all over, yet I know she is in Hydlaa now.
Frilaa: Poor, poor Tarela.
Frilaa: Why does she avoid me when she is here?
Frilaa: I fear for her so.
Frilaa: Please, could you possibly find her?
Frilaa: Tell her I am worried and I wish to see her.
-Frilaa looks a bit distant and wistful.-
Frilaa: I miss her so.
→ Go to Tarela Girshon
YOU: Frilaa is distressed and most anxious to see you.
Tarela: Frilaa?
Tarela: Frilaa Bhundri?
Tarela: No, no!
Tarela: I cannot see her, I will not!
-Tarela looks around the plaza a bit nervously, then sighs.-
Tarela: I know it isn't fair to her.
Tarela: She is indeed a good friend.
-Tarela's eyes mist over, taking on a far-away musing expression.-
Tarela: Yes..
Tarela: No!
Tarela: I will not go.
Tarela: But…whatever can I do?
Tarela: To see her now will only cause strife.
Tarela: Yet I want to see my friend once more.
-Tarela finally looks at you, her head tilted quizzically.-
Tarela: But why do I burden you with this?
Tarela: I long to answer, my duties be hanged!
-Tarela bursts into angry tears.-
Tarela: Tell her I cannot, or stay and I will tell you why…
Tarela: w-which one will it be?
Possible Ways: 2
Way 1:
YOU: I will pass on your refusal.
-Tarela sniffs and tries to compose herself with a cold expression.-
Tarela: Thank you, Klyros.
Tarela: I anxiously await your return.
→ Go to Frilaa Bhundri
YOU: Tarela cannot come visit you.
Frilaa: Why that's absurd!
Frilaa: This is so unlike her.
Frilaa: Did she tell you why?
YOU: I thought it would be wrong to pry.
-Frilaa sobs.-
Frilaa: I cannot believe that she would abandon me in my greatest time of need without a word of explanation.
Frilaa: Whatever could I have done that she could treat me so?
Frilaa: Please, I am begging you Sir, return to her and find out what vexes her.
Frilaa: Will you do this?
YOU: I will ask; I cannot guarantee she will answer.
Frilaa: Good, thank you, helpful Klyros.
Frilaa: Tell her I want to know!
Frilaa: Return to me when you have her answer.
→ Go to Tarela Girshon
YOU: Frilaa is concerned and wants to know what troubles you.
Tarela: How can I possibly tell you, a stranger, my feelings?
Tarela: How can I describe to you this loneliness and anger?
-Tarela looks deep into your eyes, her gaze piercing and cold.-
Tarela: Have you ever felt love, Madam?
Tarela: If you have, then you understand this despair I feel for having my heart cleft in twain by her.
Tarela: For years we have been friends, Frilaa and I, since I was a cub and she was a young Enki.
Tarela: How could she not know what I felt?
Tarela: Imagine my relief at the announcement of her marriage to that merchant.
Tarela: He could give Frilaa a good life and some strong cubs.
Tarela: Then the buffoon gets himself missing and who does lovely Frilaa turn to?
Tarela: Noxdar, the one man she knew I had my eyes on!
-Tarela giggles a bit hysterically.-
Tarela: Yes, dear Frilaa goes to cry on -his- shoulders, and dashes all my hopes of his courting me.
Tarela: Doesn't she know better than to toy with people's emotions?
Tarela: I need not go on, but suffice to say she stole Noxdar away!
Tarela: And that is why; you may tell her as such yourself.
→ Go to Frilaa Bhundri
YOU: You stole Noxdar from Tarela.
Frilaa: Stole him away?
Frilaa: I don't…
-Frilaa looks perplexed for a moment.-
Frilaa: Oh, no!
Frilaa: She knows!
Frilaa: Good gracious, I did not imagine she actually cared for him.
Frilaa: I mean, of course I thought she did at first; I teased her about it, but Tarela always denied it.
Frilaa: She knows well that I am married, possibly tragic though it is now.
Frilaa: I…oh, oh dear.
Frilaa: Now I do understand why she has been avoiding me.
Frilaa: She must think I'm some terrible harlot!
Frilaa: I should make it up to her with a formal apology and a promise to make amends.
-Frilaa writes a letter on a piece of pink paper, seals it, and hands it to you.-
Frilaa: See that this gets to her safely, please, Madam.
→ Go to Tarela Girshon
YOU: Frilaa sent you this.
Tarela: A letter from Frilaa?
Tarela: What is this?
-Tarela blinks slowly, nearly in disbelief.-
Tarela: Could she not face me like an honourable woman?
Tarela: Ha!
Tarela: Of course not.
Tarela: Nothing honourable about her.
-Tarela opens the letter and begins reading. She mutters as she does.-
Tarela: …
Tarela: truly sorry …
Tarela: did not know …
Tarela: beg forgiveness …
Tarela: promise to make amends …
Tarela: start by helping you find a strong husband.
Tarela: Hmm.
-Tarela looks up at you.-
Tarela: She seems sincere, and yet…oh, I do not know.
Tarela: Were you in my place, would you forgive Frilaa and accept this offer?
YOU: It seems sad to lose a good friend over a bit of heartache. Forgive her.
-Tarela smiles as she tucks the letter away.-
Tarela: I see that you understand the true nature of friendship; you are a wise Klyros.
Tarela: No mere man can break the bonds of friendship forged between two women!
Tarela: And besides, if Noxdar is willing to be with a married woman, he has proven himself weak and unsuitable of my affection.
Tarela: Tell Frilaa I forgive her and accept.
Tarela: I thank you for helping me realize what to do.
→ Go to Frilaa Bhundri
YOU: Tarela accepts your apology.
Frilaa: Oh, such wonderful news!
Frilaa: At last I can work on patching up my friendship while the search for my husband goes on.
Frilaa: With such a light heart, I can only say yes to Gurgus!
Frilaa: Please tell him I said yes, and hurry!
Frilaa: Thank you for all your help, Madam.
-Frilaa smiles.-
→ Go to Gurgus Dahnik
YOU: Frilaa would be honoured.
-Gurgus looks far heavier and slower than the last time you saw kra.-
Gurgus: Oh, that is very good news!
Gurgus: I do hope Frilaa and Jalar will be coming soon so see the child.
-Gurgus gives you several golden circles and a Brown Way glyph.-
Gurgus: Please, take this with my thanks!
Way 2:
YOU: I think I should hear your reasons.
Gurgus: Ah, a collector of tales are you?
Gurgus: Well here is one for you.
-Tarela turns and leans casually against a nearby stone block.-
Gurgus: It so happens that Frilaa was my best friend.
Gurgus: It is heartbreaking to hear of her husband's disappearance.
Gurgus: Oh, you know about that?
Gurgus: Good.
Gurgus: Then you should know that I have been using every contact I have to try to find him.
Gurgus: Yet all my efforts have been to no avail.
-Tarela gazes over your shoulder at a passing Klyros.-
Gurgus: Between you and me, I secretly hope that he -isn't- found.
Gurgus: I have my reasons, and there is no reason for Frilaa to know that, so don't you go telling her.
Gurgus: And before you go asking weird questions, no, I had nothing to do with Jalar going missing.
Gurgus: You know what?
Gurgus: I've changed my mind.
Gurgus: You don't really need to know why.
-Tarela gives you a letter addressed to Frilaa and turns away from you.-
Gurgus: Just take this and go.
→ Go to Frilaa Bhundri
YOU: Tarela gave me this for you.
-Frilaa takes the note and opens it to read it.-
Frilaa: I do not believe this.
Frilaa: She will no longer be my friend.
-Frilaa sighs-
Frilaa: Well, it seems I must struggle on alone.
Frilaa: Please tell Gurgus that my answer is no.
→ Go to Gurgus Dahnik
YOU: Frilaa is not able to help you now.
-Gurgus looks far heavier and slower than the last time you saw kra.-
Gurgus: Oh, that is really too bad.
Gurgus: Nothing to do about it now, as it will be time for me to gemmate very soon.
Gurgus: In any case, you have been of great help to me.
-Gurgus gives you a pouch of coins.-
Gurgus: Please take this as my thanks.
Rewards: [Way 1] 1 Creature glyph, 25 Faction with Artists Association, 5130 Tria, 13600 XP, [Way 2] 25 Faction with Artists Association, 5130 Tria, 13600 XP.