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The Gobble Legacy
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Tyrus Beaut
YOU: Could you use some help?
Tyrus: I do wish you to help me, if you would.
Tyrus: I have heard tell of two tribes of gobbles outside of Ojaveda.
Tyrus: I long to know more, in order to better record the lore of all creatures of Yliakum.
Tyrus: A bard's duty is not simply to the noteworthy, but to the history of all the land.
Tyrus: May I gain your aid?
YOU: I'd love to help gather information for your tale.
Tyrus: Many thanks, traveller.
Tyrus: Please, speak to the Enkidukai of Ojaveda about gobbles.
Tyrus: One among them may know more.
Tyrus: I will grant you a gift of stones on your return with the story.
→ Go to Hirenn Darmeth
YOU: Can you help me learn more about gobbles?
-Hirenn looks up a moment from his work.-
Hirenn: Ahh, I'm between orders now, and have a bit of time.
Hirenn: Yes, I know a bit about them.
Hirenn: There are two tribes of gobbles in these parts, as I understand: the Eagle gobbles and the Serpent gobbles.
Hirenn: I trade in their parts sometimes.
Hirenn: That is all I know.
Hirenn: Jirosh Mikana trades goods all over Yliakum and may have heard more.
Hirenn: Try asking him about Eagle gobbles or Serpent gobbles.
-Hirenn turns back to his work.-
Hirenn: Good day to you.
→ Go to Jirosh Mikana
YOU: What can you tell me about Eagle and Serpent gobbles?
Jirosh: Eagle gobbles and Serpent gobbles?
Jirosh: I don't have much cause to run around fighting creatures.
Jirosh: It's bad for business, you know.
Jirosh: But…
-His face creases in concentration.-
Jirosh: Eagles and serpents, eagle and serpent…
Jirosh: Aha!
-Jirosh laughs ruefully.-
Jirosh: Right in front of my face, it was.
Jirosh: The dsar doors here in Ojaveda are all decorated with a serpent and eagle emblem.
Jirosh: But those doors were made long ago, so I don't know why that image was chosen, or what it may have to do with gobbles, if anything.
Jirosh: You might want to ask Brado about the Ojaveda doors.
Jirosh: He collects such tidbits to entertain his customers.
→ Go to Brado
YOU: Do you know why the entries are decorated like that?
Brado: 'Course I know about that!
Brado: My granddam used to tell me the story when I couldn't sleep as a cub.
Brado: She was training be a lore mistress when she was younger, but ended up raising a family instead.
Brado: No one wants to hear that old tale at the bar, though.
Brado: These younger Enkidukai don't seem to care about the city's history.
Brado: Or maybe I care too much.
-Brado shrugs.-
Brado: Never mind that, though.
Brado: I'd love to hear it told well, so I'll write it down for you.
-Brado licks his lips and takes a scroll from below the counter and rapidly writes upon it, keeping an eye on you and the tavern door.-
Brado: It warms my heart knowing there are still people out there that is interested in our history.
Brado: And yes, the gobbles do have something to do with it, but I won't tell you the tale just now, it's all written down here for you to read at your own leisure.
-Brado smiles and rolls the scroll before passing it to you.-
Brado: Safe journey to you.
→ Go to Tyrus Beaut
YOU: I got some information that might be of some help to you.
-Tyrus Beaut carefully reads the scroll and then nods slowly.-
Tyrus: Yes, this tale is what I wished for.
Tyrus: Good stone builds a strong home.
Tyrus: Seat yourself, and I will begin.
-Tyrus Beaut bows kras head in thought and absently strums the harp.-
-After a good while, Tyrus looks at you and runs kras fingers down each of the strings, catching your wandering attention.-
Tyrus: Ready, are you?
YOU: Please play. I am looking forward to hearing this.
-Tyrus Beaut begins to play an adventurous tune with a walking sort of rhythm.-
Tyrus: Noble Eagle reaches the river; espies a Serpent, seeking to cross.
Tyrus: Serpent asks her 'Carry me, winged one!'
-Tyrus Beaut smiles and changes chords.-
Tyrus: Eagle screeches 'Your breed I don't trust.
Tyrus: You will bite me, and I'll die flying!' Snake cries to her, 'Faith, and none are lost.'
-Tyrus Beaut harp shifts to a slow rhythm.-
Tyrus: Winged one grabs Serpent, talons gentle.
Tyrus: They fly over sky, 'til cry fills air.
-Tyrus Beaut plays a jarring chord and changes key.-
Tyrus: Bird, bitten, screams 'Why did you do so?
Tyrus: Voyage was over, safety so near!' Snake says 'Eagle, I am as I am.
Tyrus: And you were fool to believe me more.' Serpent then squirms, striving for freedom,
-Tyrus Beaut harp begins a slowly repeating series of ascending chords.-
Tyrus: But Eagle goes higher, towards the Sun.
Tyrus: 'Eagle will teach you to keep your word.' Serpent seeks ground, but Eagle flies on…'til wings stiffen, then both bodies…
Tyrus: fall to the land.
Tyrus: Now that tale is done.
-Tyrus Beaut pauses, kras harp still singing but only gently. The tune gradually grows stronger, repeating the beginning phrases of the tune.-
Tyrus: But bards say 'Tale's end just starts the next.' And this tale lives on, gobbles prove it.
Tyrus: Seek ye the river, Eagles you'll see; Snakes too, so called by the Enkidukai wit.
Tyrus: Since each gobble tribe mirrors the life…
Tyrus: of Serpent or Eagle.
Tyrus: So be it!
-Tyrus Beaut smiles and strums a closing phrase.-
Tyrus: There.
Tyrus: Is it worthy?
YOU: It was wonderful! I want to hear it again.
-A slow smile creeps across Tyrus' face.-
Tyrus: This poem pleases me, as well.
Tyrus: I hope to locate the proper place to perform it.
-Tyrus Beaut sets the harp aside and hands you some tria.-
Tyrus: I give you these things with my thanks.
Rewards: 1 Diamond Crystal, 1 Ruby Crystal, 1 Emerald Crystal, 30 Faction with Artists Association, 7310 Tria, 15000 XP.