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The Great Manure Giveaway
Required: Winch Access.
→ Go to Pawprech Forsill
YOU: Greetings, I am in search of a quest.
Pawprech: I'd hardly call it a “quest,” but I do have something you could do.
Pawprech: It's a mite smelly, though.
Pawprech: Care to get your hands dirty?
YOU: Bring on the dirt!
Pawprech: That's the spirit.
Pawprech: As a gesture of kindness, I give away free sacks of manure produced by my goujahs to people who might be able to use it.
Pawprech: It might not sound like a good gift, but it's surprisingly useful.
Pawprech: If you're not sure who'd appreciate it, just ask me about the uses of dung.
Pawprech: Think carefully about people to whom you might want to give these, and take these sacks.
Pawprech: One per person please, and return the empty sacks when you're done.
Pawprech: I always re-use my sacks.
Pawprech: Good luck, and spread the good will!
→ Give Harnquist 1 Sack of Manure
Harnquist: It is so nice of Pawprech to give away sacks of manure.
Harnquist: It is also very nice of you to consider me when giving them away.
Harnquist: They're ideal for the furnaces.
Harnquist: Thank you.
Harnquist: You may have the empty sack: I'll be emptying it into the furnace right now.
-Harnquist upends the sack into the furnace, which roars its approval.-
→ Give Jardet Forsill 1 Sack of Manure
Jardet: My brother is ever kind.
Jardet: May the spirits of nature ever bless you, as well.
Jardet: My garden will flourish with this addition to the soil.
→ Give Durok Rrecrok 1 Sack of Manure
Durok: Manure is invaluable in my studies of insects, but rare are the times people actually give me any.
Durok: Your donation is most appreciated, Sir.
Durok: I shall not easily forget this.
→ Go to Pawprech Forsill
Pawprech: All done spreading the goodwill?
Pawprech: I hope you've made some friends along the way.
Pawprech: Here, take these to show my gratitude: someone who handles manure can never have too many pairs.
Pawprech: Goodbye for now!
Rewards: 1 Leather Gloves, 9922 Tria, 16400 XP.