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The Gronk Merchant Syndicate
Required: Nothing.
[INFO]: This quest is part of at least one way to gain winch access. There are some required quests which you have to do beforehand.
→ Go to Thorian Gronk
YOU: So, do you have anything a Enkidukai like myself can do?
Thorian: Oh, it's you, NAME.
Thorian: Your name has been passed around the mercantile district lately.
Thorian: I think I can count on a Enkidukai like you to help me with some business.
Thorian: If you say yes my competition, say someone like Jirosh, he won't like it and will not let you work for his syndicate.
Thorian: And to sweeten the pot, I'll even make sure you get access to the Winch area.
-Thorian licks his lips.-
Thorian: Is that a sweet enough fruit for you?
YOU: Sounds as good as a freshly baked Apple pie.
Thorian: Ah, wonderful.
Thorian: The merchants from the lower levels have been charging insufferable prices for far too long.
Thorian: It's time for us to begin to treat them in kind.
Thorian: I'm proposing a merchant syndicate dedicated to price collusion and maximum profit.
-Thorian rubs his hands together.-
Thorian: All you have to do is collect some personal merchant seals.
Thorian: These seals are different colours to show a merchants allegiance to various syndicates.
Thorian: For example, mine is very dark shade of grey, black you might even say.
-Thorian pauses a bit, before nosily clearing his throat preparing to explain further.-
Thorian: I need five black seals to make it official.
Thorian: Ask any of the merchants in Hydlaa, Ojaveda, Gugrontid or that Klyros city to join the me.
Thorian: Use any means: coercion, bribery, deception, anything.
Thorian: Oh, and -don't- talk to Jirosh Mikana about this syndicate.
Thorian: I'll be waiting round here somewhere for the black seals.
→ Go to Kaiman Jilatt
YOU: Hi, do you want to join a Merchant's Syndicate?
-Kaiman looks you over as he stands sack in hand.-
Kaiman: Are you here on behalf of Thorian?
YOU: Yes it's for Thorian's Syndicate.
Kaiman: He sent you?
Kaiman: Great, I wonder what he promised you?
-Kaiman digs about in one of the many sacs he has with him.-
Kaiman: Here we go, you can have this seal.
-Kaiman pauses before handing the seal over.-
Kaiman: You know, I'm very interested in this syndicate.
Kaiman: I didn't move up from the Far Ground for reasons other than profit.
-Kaiman winks and waits.-
YOU: Would a Circle help?
-Kaiman tosses the seal at NAME.-
Kaiman: Yes, here you go.
→ Go to Boralis Voladrand
YOU: Hello, would you like to join a Merchant Syndicate?
Boralis: A syndicate, you say?
Boralis: Let me say that I don't trust the Mikana Company at all, so don't even try to convince me to join them.
Boralis: As for Thorian, I'm not sure about an alliance with him, but a few circles might change my mind.
YOU: It's a good thing I'm here on behalf of Thorian then, isn't it.
-Boralis takes the coin and quickly pockets it.-
Boralis: Thank you.
Boralis: It's been a pleasure.
Boralis: And this is for you.
→ Go to Rinna Voladrand
YOU: Would you like to join a Merchant Syndicate?
Rinna: Have you spoken to my husband about this already?
YOU: Yes, I have.
-Rinna nods with a smile on her face.-
Rinna: Well I do have a personal merchant seal, truth be told, but I will let him speak for both of us.
Rinna: Thank you for asking me though.
→ Go to Yonda Axebow
YOU: Do you want to join a Merchant Syndicate?
Yonda: A syndicate?
Yonda: I'd never thought about it.
-Yonda stands with her hands on her hips and looks up thoughtfully.-
Yonda: Yes, I think it's a good idea.
Yonda: I will join a single syndicate.
Yonda: Who do you represent?
YOU: The NAME Trading company.
-Yonda laughs.-
Yonda: I guess that would be you then.
Yonda: I somehow don't think you’re serious, who is it really?
YOU: Thorian Gronk's syndicate.
Yonda: Alright, you tell this Thorian person that I'd be happy to join.
Yonda: And I'll colour this wax black, and here's my seal.
→ Go to Edrich Sultov
YOU: Will you join Thorian's Merchant Syndicate?
Edrich: I hope to one day form my own syndicate, so right now, I shall not be joining any.
Edrich: Thanks all the same.
-Edrich pauses before saying.-
Edrich: However, for five hundred Tria I could give you a forged merchant seal.
-Edrich holds out a hand.-
Edrich: If that interests you?
YOU: That's too much for a fake!
Edrich: It's too bad you think that.
Edrich: It's two circles or nothing.
YOU: Fine then, here is your Tria.
Edrich: Good choice.
Edrich: Here you go.
→ Go to Ervin Fromaad
YOU: Hi, are you interested in joining a Merchant Syndicate?
Ervin: I'm always interested in joining syndicates.
Ervin: I'm already a member of several.
Ervin: Who are you representing?
YOU: Thorian Gronk.
Ervin: Thorian, really.
Ervin: Sounds like a good opportunity to make some profit.
Ervin: You can take this to him.
→ Go to Thorian Gronk
YOU: I've collected all the seals you needed.
Thorian: You've done it!
Thorian: HA!
Thorian: Did you manage to get any extra?
YOU: I only got the five you asked for.
Thorian: Very good, I knew I could count on you, NAME.
-Thorian beaded face smiles.-
Thorian: Congratulations, you're now an honorary member of Thorian Gronk's merchant syndicate.
Thorian: And as promised with all mercantile winch access privileges.
Thorian: Give this paper to Percival Hawthorne.
Thorian: He ought to let you enter the winch from then on.
Thorian: Thanks again.
Rewards: 1 Mercantile Winch Access Paper, 3391 Tria, 12200 XP.