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The Missing Equipment
Required: Winch Access.
→ Go to Baboraer Airiskel
YOU: Hail soldier, any assignments I can help with?
Baboraer: Absolutely!
Baboraer: This Winch guard assignment is insulting.
Baboraer: I want to be back where the action is: Bronze Doors One.
Baboraer: But I was demoted after losing some equipment, and all I have left from my old post is my storage skeleton key.
Baboraer: Can you help me?
YOU: Yes, I can.
Baboraer: Oh good.
Baboraer: Maybe if you can recover it, they'll give me my job back!
Baboraer: Unless they've made another one by now.
Baboraer: But it's a chance I've got to take.
Baboraer: I lost a crystal attuner.
Baboraer: The last thing I remember when holding it is talking to my friend, Thrynt Glass.
Baboraer: Then I'm not sure.
Baboraer: That's all I can tell you.
Baboraer: Maybe you can ask him about the missing equipment.
Baboraer: Good luck!
→ Go to Thrynt Glass
YOU: What do you know about the missing equipment?
Thrynt: Missing equipment?
Thrynt: Hmm.
-Thrynt rubs his chin and ponders the situation.-
Thrynt: Oh, right.
Thrynt: Baboraer was talking to me, then dropped something as he walked away.
Thrynt: I didn't know what it was, so I put it in storage.
Thrynt: Box 253, I think.
Thrynt: If you want access to a storage box, you'll need to speak to Beniua Busuka first.
Thrynt: Just request a storage form.
Thrynt: Say it's for me if she asks.
Thrynt: She'll give you one to give to Tarmeen.
Thrynt: Hope that helps!
→ Go to Beniua Busuka
YOU: I need a storage form.
Beniua: One moment, Sir.
Beniua: You're not a member of the Sunshine or Shadow Squadrons.
Beniua: On whose behalf are you requesting a storage form?
YOU: It's on the behalf of Thrynt Glass.
Beniua: Ah.
Beniua: The Shadowcasters are always storing and retrieving something or other.
Beniua: Here's a storage form.
Beniua: Present that to Tarmeen Alecheech and he'll be able to help you further.
→ Go to Tarmeen Alecheech
YOU: [ YOU gives Tarmeen the storage form.]
Tarmeen: Alright.
Tarmeen: This seems to be in order.
Tarmeen: Keep in mind you'll need a storage skeleton key to open a box.
Tarmeen: This is for Thrynt, it says.
Tarmeen: So I guess you'd give it to him.
Tarmeen: If you take a box by mistake, just give it to me.
Tarmeen: Now which box did you say it was?
Tarmeen: 235?
Tarmeen: 253?
Tarmeen: 352?
YOU: 253
Tarmeen: Here you go then.
→ Go to Thrynt Glass
YOU: gives Thrynt the lockbox 253.
Thrynt: Let's open this up.
Thrynt: My storage skeleton key!
Thrynt: Oh, don't tell me I dropped it!
Thrynt: I don't even know who has another one.
Thrynt: Sorry.
Thrynt: You'll have to find someone else who has a storage skeleton key.
→ Go to Baboraer Airiskel
YOU: gives Baboraer the lockbox 253.
Baboraer: A storage box?
Baboraer: Do you think this contains the crystal attuner?
Baboraer: Let us see.
-Baboraer unlocks the box.-
Baboraer: It's the crystal attuner!
Baboraer: Hooray!
Baboraer: I'll be back at Bronze Doors One before I know it.
Baboraer: Thanks for all your help.
Baboraer: Take these boots.
Baboraer: One size fits all!
Rewards: 1 Chain Mail Boots, 9922 Tria, 16400 XP.