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The Mysterious Derghir Skull
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Canyt Klannarr
YOU: Have you discovered anything interesting lately?
-Canyt smiles happily.-
Canyt: Oh yes!
Canyt: I just uncovered this most interesting find.
-Canyt picks up what looks to be a skull.-
Canyt: This appears to be the skull of a Derghir.
Canyt: It is very old, perhaps thousands of cycles.
Canyt: It looks different.
Canyt: Perhaps this is a sign of how much Derghir have changed over time.
Canyt: This could be a very valuable find for study.
Canyt: It could help us understand the Derghir and where they came from.
Canyt: I need to keep looking.
Canyt: In the mean time, can you take this to my sister, Nyshyn?
Canyt: You can likely find her by the ruins near Gugrontid, across from the lake.
Canyt: Will you help me figure this out?
Canyt: I will pay you for your time.
YOU: Sure, I'll be happy to help. YOU at your service.
Canyt: Oh thank you.
Canyt: I'm going to see what else I can find.
Canyt: For now take this to Nyshyn and see what she says.
-Canyt wraps the skull in a cloth and hands it to you.-
→ Go to Nyshyn Klannarr
YOU: Canyt found this and wants your opinion. [You hand Nyshyn the package.]
Nyshyn: My sister?
Nyshyn: What does she think she's found this time?
-Nyshyn takes the package and unwraps it.-
Nyshyn: Hmm, a skull?
Nyshyn: It appears to be Derghan.
Nyshyn: Nothing remarkable about it, other that it appears to have sustained some damage over time.
-Nyshyn continues to examine the skull.-
Nyshyn: There looks to be some scratch marks here, like from an animal, but they seem more recent.
Nyshyn: I think that's all for now.
Nyshyn: There's not much more I can say without studying it awhile.
-Nyshyn wraps the skull in the cloth again and hands it to you.-
Nyshyn: Maybe my sister is onto something here, hard to say.
Nyshyn: You might want to take it to Jardet Forsill.
Nyshyn: He knows about Derghir.
Nyshyn: Maybe he can tell you something.
→ Go to Jardet Forsill
YOU: This was found near the Eagle Bronze Doors, what can you tell me about it?
-Jardet takes the package and unwraps it.-
Jardet: A skull?
Jardet: It appears to be Derghan.
-Jardet continues to observe the skull.-
Jardet: This has sustained quite a bit of damage.
Jardet: Derghir are like Kran, you know.
Jardet: They are made of stone, not flesh like you and I.
Jardet: So they decompose much differently.
-Jardet points to a spot on the skull.-
Jardet: Here.
Jardet: There is a mark, like it was scratched by something.
Jardet: A large bird, perhaps.
Jardet: Could be a pterosaur.
Jardet: Check with Krestal.
Jardet: He's familiar with those big birds, he trains them.
Jardet: You'll find him near the temple.
Jardet: And do come back at some point and let me know what this is about, I am curious now.
-Jardet gives you a smile as he rewraps the skull in the cloth and hands it to you.-
→ Go to Krestal Dhusho
YOU: This skull was found near the Eagle Bronze Doors, what can you tell me about the marks?
-Krestal takes the package, unwraps it and takes a look.-
Krestal: Ah yes, these marks…
Krestal: They are from a large bird.
Krestal: A ptero…no not a pterosaur, smaller.
-Krestal uses his finger to measure the distance between the marks.-
Krestal: This is made by a megaras.
Krestal: They are smaller than pterosaurs.
Krestal: Hmm, Eagle Bronze Doors you say?
Krestal: Yes, they like to fly around out there.
Krestal: They have a tendency to pick up things with their claws.
Krestal: I hope this helps.
Krestal: I would tell that to whomever gave this to you.
→ Go to Canyt Klannarr
YOU: The skull has fresh marks from a megaras.
Canyt: Aha!
Canyt: That might be how it got here.
Canyt: But that still doesn't explain where it came from.
Canyt: At least we're are getting somewhere.
Canyt: And look!
Canyt: I found this amulet nearby.
Canyt: I think it has a connection to the skull, in fact I'm sure of it.
Canyt: Another piece to this mysterious puzzle.
Canyt: We will figure this out yet, YOU.
-Canyt seems excited as she hands you the amulet.-
Canyt: Let's start with my sister again.
Canyt: Give the amulet to her and see what she says.
Canyt: I'll see if I can find anything else.
→ Go to Nyshyn Klannarr
YOU: Canyt found this amulet.
-Nyshyn sighs, seemingly annoyed.-
Nyshyn: What does my sister want now?
Nyshyn: An amulet, eh?
-Nyshyn takes the amulet and takes a quick look at it before handing it back.-
Nyshyn: What does she think I'd know about it?
Nyshyn: Try Jardet again.
→ Go to Jardet Forsill
YOU: Can you tell me anything about this amulet?
-Jardet takes the amulet and looks closely at it.-
Jardet: Well it has seen it's better days, hasn't it?
Jardet: It was found with that skull?
Jardet: Perhaps it was worn by the owner.
Jardet: Hmm, I have an idea.
Jardet: Not far from here is a Derghir village, near the pass.
Jardet: Derghir tend not to say much but see if they can tell you something about it.
Jardet: If you have one of those Derghan bells, I'd suggest you take it with you.
Jardet: It could make communicating with them easier.
-Jardet hands back the amulet.-
Jardet: And let me know what you find out.
→ Go to Boilghere
-[You give Boilghere the skull and amulet.] Excuse me, can you tell me anything about these?-
-Boilghere slowly sways and eventually looks at the skull. His reaction is subtle, then he looks at the amulet. He begins to sway quickly and breathes heavily, clearly agitated.-
Boilghere: It is my ancestors.
-He looks back at the skull.-
Boilghere: They belong to my father's father!
Boilghere: We lay the items to rest when I was still young.
Boilghere: Why do you have these?!
Boilghere: Did you disturb them?
Boilghere: I take these and put them in their rightful place!
-Boilghere holds the cloth with the skull and amulet closely, then settles down and goes back to swaying.-
YOU: They were found by an archaeologist.
-slowly sways and look at you. continues to sway and stares at you, clearly angered.-
→ Go to Jardet Forsill
YOU: Seems it's the remains of an elder.
Jardet: Interesting.
Jardet: That makes sense.
Jardet: While you were gone I remembered something I read awhile ago in my studies of the Derghir.
Jardet: Upon the death of an elder, they make a trek outward towards the labyrinths, often near the Eagle Bronze Doors because of the cavern there.
Jardet: They slowly make their way to the bottom and bury their dead.
-Jardet snaps his fingers.-
Jardet: I got it!
Jardet: Here is what I think happened: many years ago, they buried the elder.
Jardet: The dirt there was probably washed away over time by weather.
Jardet: A megaras comes along, grabs the skull, and drops it where it is later found.
Jardet: The amulet must have still been attached to it and fell away when it was dropped.
-Jardet smiles with satisfaction.-
Jardet: I do believe we have solved the mystery.
→ Go to Canyt Klannarr
YOU: [You tell Canyt what happened and what Jardet told you.]
Canyt: What?
Canyt: You mean…
Canyt: I have disturbed someone's remains?
Canyt: Oh no!
-Her ears droop and she puts her head in her hands.-
Canyt: I - I thought - it looked so old, like it was ancient.
Canyt: I am so disappointed.
-Canyt shakes her head rapidly.-
Canyt: Ah well, no matter.
Canyt: Such is the nature of archaeology.
Canyt: You never know what you'll find.
Canyt: Sometimes it's rare and exciting, sometimes it's someone's relatives.
Canyt: I was so hopeful though.
Canyt: Please don't tell my sister about this.
Canyt: Just tell her it turned out to be unremarkable.
Canyt: Otherwise I'll never hear the end of it.
Canyt: Thank you for your help, though.
Canyt: At least the mystery is solved.
Canyt: As promised, here is some coin for your time and travel.
Canyt: Also, here is a book I got recently, a shield making diagram I think.
Canyt: I got two and already gave one to my sister.
Canyt: I was just waiting for someone worthy to give the other one to.
Canyt: Thanks again, YOU.
-Canyt gives you some tria and a book.-
Canyt: And remember, tell my sister there was nothing special about the skull.
→ Go to Nyshyn Klannarr
Possible Ways: 2
Way 1:
YOU: Canyt's find was nothing remarkable.
-Nyshyn rolls her eyes.-
Nyshyn: Figures.
Nyshyn: All that and it turned out to be nothing?
Nyshyn: Ah well, that's Canyt for you.
Nyshyn: She gets excited over nothing sometimes.
Nyshyn: It was nice of you to help her though.
Nyshyn: She gave me this book.
Nyshyn: It a manual for making something.
Nyshyn: Don't know why she gave it to me.
Nyshyn: You can have it.
Way 2:
YOU: [You tell Nyshyn the whole story.]
-Nyshyn hesitates a bit, holding back a snicker.-
Nyshyn: Well that's - just - awf…
Nyshyn: She…
-Finally Nyshyn can't hold back the laughter anymore.-
Nyshyn: Ahhhahahaha!
Nyshyn: Someone's grave…megaras carried!…
-Nyshyn continues to laugh then collects herself.-
Nyshyn: Oh, I'm sorry, but that's just too funny.
Nyshyn: Here she thought it was such a great find and it was just some remains.
Nyshyn: Ah well, I suppose that happens to all of us.
Nyshyn: It was nice of you to help her though.
Nyshyn: She gave me this book.
Nyshyn: It a manual for making something.
Nyshyn: Don't know why she gave it to me.
Nyshyn: You can have it.
Rewards: 1 Bulls Eye Shield Diagram, 1 Battle Shield Diagram, 9922 Tria, 16400 XP.