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The Pollen of Haos
Required: Winch Access.
→ Go to Vladovic Chel-Astra
YOU: Are you in any need of assistance?
Vladovic: Ah, indeed I have a need; you may be able to assist me.
Vladovic: In my younger days, I once heard that some people can see the future in a bowl of soup.
Vladovic: At the time, I imagined one would not be able to see much further then the end of the meal!
-Vladovic chuckles a bit wheezily.-
Vladovic: I now know better, of course.
Vladovic: The pursuit of things alchemical introduces one's mind to many new things; even the experienced student occasionally hears whispers of things unknown.
-Vladovic runs his fingers through his wispy hair and looks out the doorway of his shop, his eyes on things unseen.-
Vladovic: Something is coming and I must needs work to make ready.
Vladovic: I am going to explore a path towards brewing up new potions of unusual potence.
Vladovic: If you are willing, I need you to fetch me a copy of a book from Jayose's in Hydlaa.
YOU: I was planning on going there soon, so I will pick up the book for you.
Vladovic: Splendid, Sir, I knew I could count on you.
Vladovic: I need you to bring me the 'Herbica Esotica' from him.
→ Go to Jayose
YOU: I am looking for a book called Herbica Esotica.
Jayose: Eh?
-Jayose looks up from an old tome with miniscule print. He blinks owlishly and his eyes refocus on you.-
Jayose: I am busy, Sir.
Jayose: Don't bother me, bother my assistants.
→ Go to Lori Tryllyn
YOU: Excuse me miss, I am looking for a book called Herbica Esotica.
Lori: Herbica Esotica?
Lori: Yes, I know where that is.
-Lori looks at the shelves as she walks along.-
Lori: Herbica Esotica, Herbica Esotica, ah.
Lori: Here we are, the Herbica Esotica.
-Lori gently eases a somewhat-battered book bound in grayish leather from the shelf.-
Lori: Who is it for?
YOU: It's for Vladovic Chel-Astra.
Lori: Vladovic?
-Lori smiles.-
Lori: I would have thought he'd know all of this by rote already.
-Lori hands you the book.-
Lori: Curious, I wonder what he is looking up.
→ Go to Vladovic Chel-Astra
YOU: Here, I found the book.
Vladovic: Excellent.
Vladovic: Do not go too far; I may need you to gather up a few ingredients for me.
-Vladovic sets the book on the counter and pages through the Herbica Esotica, pausing now and then to make a few notes.-
Vladovic: Hmm, yes.
Vladovic: Most of these I have, or can send my lad out for.
Vladovic: Two consumer antennae…
Vladovic: no, he can get those; he is looking for some excitement.
Vladovic: Ah, the hard one: I need the pollen of the haos plant.
Vladovic: It grows in the depths of the Lake of Ylia.
Vladovic: Most of the goods from down there come up through the Winch over in Hydlaa.
Vladovic: Do you have access to the Winch quarter?
YOU: Let's suppose I have access to the Winch, what have I to do?
Vladovic: You gained access to the Winch?
Vladovic: Splendid.
Vladovic: Hurry off there.
Vladovic: There may be enough time.
Vladovic: I would begin by asking the people there who are involved in moving trade goods.
→ Go to Hygrnn
YOU: I am looking for some Haos pollen.
Hygrnn: Haos pollen?
Hygrnn: Haos pollen…
Hygrnn: oh, yes.
Hygrnn: That's a powerful paralytic poison!
Hygrnn: The Octarch on this level has very strict rules about trading in it.
Hygrnn: I can get you some, but you will need to fill out several governmental forms.
-Hygrnn opens a small chest and looks through a pile of papers.-
Hygrnn: No, no, wrong one.
-Hygrnn tries another.-
Hygrnn: Oh, ah.
Hygrnn: Restricted weapons….
Hygrnn: siege machinery construction…
Hygrnn: ah, here we are.
-Hygrnn pulls a sizeable collection of forms from the box and hands them to you.-
Hygrnn: Assuming everything is in order, I could have your pollen here in about a week after getting the forms back.
→ Go to Vladovic Chel-Astra
YOU: You need to complete these forms to get the pollen.
Vladovic: Oh dear, all these forms?
-Vladovic sighs and looks through the stack of forms.-
Vladovic: I suppose that I should not be overly surprised; haos pollen is rather dangerous in the wrong hands.
Vladovic: Once these are submitted, how long will it take to receive the pollen?
YOU: About a week.
Vladovic: A week?
-Vladovic frowns and chews on his lip, thinking.-
Vladovic: It *may* be enough time.
Vladovic: Hmmm.
-Vladovic taps a finger on the counter as he considers, muttering to himself. 'It may be worth it… and he owes me a favor. I'd hoped to never have to get involved with him again. But he would probably be able to arrange something. Yes.' He nods to himself and addresses you.-
Vladovic: There may be another way; it will likely mean dealing with some perilous people though.
Vladovic: Are you willing to risk that?
Possible Ways: 2
Way 1:
YOU: Sorry I can't.
Vladovic: Yes.
Vladovic: You may be right.
Vladovic: I will have to trust in Talad to hasten things.
Vladovic: Thank you for all your help, Madam, and please accept this.
Vladovic: I took it in trade earlier, and perhaps it will be of value to you.
-Vladovic pauses in thought.-
Vladovic: Also, you may want to check on Bjorid over in East Akkiao.
Vladovic: I wonder if he's still dealing with that …
Vladovic: problem.
Vladovic: And Trasok is often in need of some tasks.
Way 2:
YOU: yes
Vladovic: I am reluctant to send you to him, but please visit Kisatol and let him know that I need the haos pollen.
Vladovic: But do tread with care, my dear Sir.
Vladovic: Dealing with him is dangerous.
YOU: about haos pollen
Vladovic: Haos pollen?
-Kisatol eyes you warily.-
Vladovic: Who wants it?
YOU: vladovic needs the haos pollen
Vladovic: vladovic, hrrm, yeah, I owe him. But I don't owe you. With something like haos pollen, this could be a setup. Not that it would matter; not for long.
-Kisatol smiles evilly.-
Vladovic: Listen.
Vladovic: You will do a little favor for me, and we will see if there might somehow be some of this pollen to be found for our dear aged alchemist…
-Kisatol's voice hardens, demanding an answer.-
Vladovic: Yes?
YOU: yes
Vladovic: A certain businessman in Hydlaa owes me a little bit of money.
Vladovic: You collect it, I find what you need.
Vladovic: Got it?
YOU: yes
-Kisatol smiles.-
Vladovic: Darven Bounash owes me sixty circles.
Vladovic: Collect it from him however you can.
Vladovic: But remember, the truly dead don't pay their debts.
Vladovic: In that eventuality, I will collect from you.
YOU: yes
YOU: Kisatol sent me
-Darven flinches.-
Vladovic: What?
Vladovic: I don't have it.
Vladovic: I'm trying to get it.
-Darven's voice takes on a bit of a whining tone.-
Vladovic: It's hard; the guards are always watching me.
Vladovic: I need a bit more time!
YOU: kisatol sent me
-Darven flinches.-
Vladovic: What?
Vladovic: I don't have it.
Vladovic: I'm trying to get it.
-Darven's voice takes on a bit of a whining tone.-
Vladovic: It's hard; the guards are always watching me.
Vladovic: I need a bit more time!
YOU: kisatol sent me
-Darven licks his lips a bit nervously and then recovers his aplomb, looking you up and down, his eyes pausing briefly at your purse.-
Vladovic: Tell you what?
Vladovic: We'll play a little game.
Vladovic: You win, I give you the money and a bit extra for yourself.
Vladovic: I win, you pay NPC out of your own purse.
Vladovic: Are you up for it?
YOU: no
-Darven sighs.-
Vladovic: Very well.
Vladovic: But too bad for you.
Vladovic: I would have tossed in a couple of circles for the lucky winner.
Vladovic: Oh, all right.
-Darven grimaces and counts out sixty circles and lays them on a nearby barrel for you.-
Vladovic: There.
- Give 60 circles -
Vladovic: It appears you have some ability.
Vladovic: Did he try to game you at all?
YOU: yes
Vladovic: It doesn't matter, I have my money.
Vladovic: If he did cheat you, it is between you and him.
-Kisatol tosses a small sack to you.-
Vladovic: Your haos pollen.
Vladovic: Be careful with it: that stuff will kill you.
Vladovic: A real shame if that should happen.
Vladovic: Begone.
→ Go to Vladovic Chel-Astra
Vladovic: Thank you.
-Vladovic puts a pair of old leather gloves on his hands and opens the sack to look inside.-
Vladovic: Ah, splendid; this looks like good pollen.
-Vladovic closes the sack again and removes his gloves.-
Vladovic: The consumer antenna material transmutes the poison.
Vladovic: Combined with other ingredients, it will form a potent base for several potions, and they may well be very important in what I have foreseen.
Vladovic: Thank you for dealing with NPC; I don't know that I would have been able to.
-Vladovic unlocks a small chest and takes out a glyph and hands it to you.-
Vladovic: I wish for you to have this in return.
Vladovic: May it serve you well.
Rewards: 1 Sphere glyph, 40 Faction with Science Association, 17800 XP, 1 Divination glyph.