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The Red Way Apprentice
Required: Rank 50 Red Way, 1 Red Way Bracers, 1 Fire glyph, 1 Weapon glyph, 5 Tefusang Teeth.
[INFO]: You get the glyphs back.
→ Go to Ferryd Shillor
YOU: Please accept these bracers as proof I am a worthy student.
Ferryd: And so the student returns.
Ferryd: I assume you are ready for your combination glyph test so we will begin, then.
-Ferryd hands your bracers back as he begins to speak.-
Ferryd: We will need two Glyphs for this trial.
Ferryd: You have already learned about the Fire Glyph, So give that one to me first.
-Ferryd awaits the glyph.-
YOU: Fire, fire … Ah, here it is.
-Ferryd nods.-
Ferryd: I bet you have found this very helpful in combat situations in your training.
Ferryd: Now, you will also need a glyph that combines with this one to create an empowered weapon that creates extra damage every time it strikes your foe.
Ferryd: It is called Sword.
Ferryd: They are less common than Fire, and are prized by master blacksmiths.
-Ferryd strokes his chin in thought.-
Ferryd: Please give it to me now if you have one.
Ferryd: If you don't have one, there was a dwarven smith who's name currently escapes me, that I have heard has been hording quite a few of them.
Ferryd: I do not know if he will sell it to you, if you can find him I suggest asking him for one.
Ferryd: You better tell him I sent you first, though.
Ferryd: I doubt he will give you one otherwise.
YOU: The Weapon glyph, sir.
Ferryd: Excellent!
Ferryd: Now watch closely as I cast this spell.
-Ferryd holds out his staff. Energies surround his body for a few moments, then flames leap from his staff. He grins at the effect. When the effects fade, he hands both of your glyphs back.-
Ferryd: As you can see, this is a very intimidating spell.
Ferryd: Purify these glyphs and combine them to produce the spell I just showed you.
Ferryd: I want you to now go out and practice your newly acquired knowledge in battle on some of the Tefusang out there.
Ferryd: Bring me five Tefusang teeth to prove you have completed this task.
YOU: Five Tefusang Tooth.
Ferryd: Congratulations YOU, you have past this second part of my training.
Ferryd: This apple is your reward.
-Ferryd looks at you, holding out an apple. smile slowly grows until he bursts out laughing. He tries to speak through the guffaws.-
Ferryd: The look…
Ferryd: on…
Ferryd: your face…
Ferryd: priceless!
-Ferryd catches his breath and wipes his eyes.-
Ferryd: Here is your true reward; the robe to complete your set.
Ferryd: Well done.
Ferryd: When you are strong enough, return with two wands, one yours, one from one of your pears.
Ferryd: All Circles require you do this, for you must not only have the respect of your teachers, but also that of your fellow students.
Ferryd: I suggest you start making friends with others that follow the Red Way Circle to make it easier on you in the future.
Ferryd: When you return with two wands and enough training, I will graduate you into the next level of the Circle and give you a new wand.
Ferryd: You will return the other Lower wand to your peer so that he, she, or kra can continue training.
Ferryd: The wind be with you.
Rewards: 1 Apprentice's Red Way Robe, 20 Faction with Red Order, 12200 XP.