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The Rotten Deal
Required: 1 Gendol Rotten Meat, 1 Lake Mushroom, 1 Ulbernaut Heart.
[INFO]: You get all the items back.
→ Go to Ryger
YOU: Excuse me sir, do you have a job for me?
-Ryger flinches in surprise.-
Ryger: Bedevilled being!
Ryger: What is it that you seek here?
-Ryger clenches his spiked fists.-
Ryger: A job…
Ryger: that is what you want.
Ryger: An errand, a way to fulfil your chaotic needs.
-Ryger pauses for a moment.-
Ryger: Lost creature…
Ryger: yes, I have an errand for you.
Ryger: You will bring me an item.
Ryger: A component.
Ryger: Something that I need.
-Ryger pauses again, staring at you blankly.-
Ryger: You will do it?
YOU: nods.
Ryger: Then you will go and bring me a piece of rotten meat.
Ryger: Foul and sickening…from Grendol…may it offend the senses of the toughest warriors, may it languish the faint of heart.
Ryger: Do hold the item with pride of a tramp.
Ryger: You are no more than that.
Ryger: Begone now.
Ryger: Your sight disturbs my mind.
YOU: I have your rotten meat here.
Ryger: You amuse me, creature.
Ryger: Hunt a piece of rotten meat…
Ryger: carry it through the land…
-Ryger clenches his fingers upon the piece of rotten meat.-
Ryger: For this errand hide your pride.
-Ryger looks at you.-
Ryger: You will bring something more, creature.
Ryger: Component.
Ryger: I will need another…
Ryger: but no stench.
-Ryger hurls the piece of meat against the ground, making its fetid juices splatter upon impact.-
Ryger: Not this time.
-Ryger lifts his spike-backed hand before his eyes, inspecting the fluids that still cover his palm. He sniffs at them and then looks at you.-
Ryger: This time you will bring me a lake mushroom.
Ryger: Does that satisfy your ambition?
-Ryger pauses.-
Ryger: It has to.
Ryger: Go.
YOU: Here is the mushroom as requested.
Ryger: You again?
Ryger: Persistent.
-Ryger inspects the mushroom.-
Ryger: Yes, that is the one.
-Ryger looks at you.-
Ryger: Proud now?
Ryger: You must have strained your muscles…
Ryger: strained them picking it up.
-Ryger pauses.-
Ryger: Your final task will be more challenging.
Ryger: You will bring me an ulbernaut heart.
Ryger: Yes, yes…
Ryger: an ulbernaut heart.
Ryger: You will rip it out.
Ryger: That is the last thing you will find for me.
YOU: hands over the ulbernaut heart.
Ryger: What…?
-Ryger looks at you, holding the heart in his hand.-
Ryger: I was hoping the beast might rip out yours instead.
Ryger: Accursed creature.
Ryger: No way to get rid of you.
-Ryger pauses.-
Ryger: But you are persistent.
Ryger: You are strong.
Ryger: You have no shame.
Ryger: Maybe something can be made of you.
Ryger: I find you a task.
Ryger: Real one next time.
Ryger: But now…
-Ryger looks at all the components.-
Ryger: Reward.
Ryger: Yes, reward.
Ryger: That is what you expect for the components.
-Ryger hands you the ulbernaut heart. He picks up the repulsive piece of rotting meat and hands it to you along with the lake mushroom.-
Ryger: Take them away.
Ryger: I have no use for this garbage.
Ryger: Reward is equal to the brought components, yes?
Ryger: And the errand is complete.
Ryger: Leave me alone now.
Rewards: 40 Faction with Seeds of Wildwood, 17800 XP.