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The Valiant Shield Project
Required: Rank 15 Shield Making, 30 Steel Ingots, 3 Shield Bands, 2 Edgings, 1 Shield Shape.
[INFO]: Rank 15 in Shield Making is uncertain.
→ Go to Harnquist
YOU: Hello, Harnquist, what are you doing?
Harnquist: What am I doing?
Harnquist: Well, well, well…now that's an interesting question.
-Harnquist grins a bit and chuckles, shaking his head.-
Harnquist: Nevermind, I'm messing with you.
Harnquist: I wrote a manual about crafting a special shield, a nice one.
Harnquist: Would you like to know more?
YOU: Sure! Let's hear it.
Harnquist: That's a good choice.
Harnquist: Look, I'm working on a Valiant Shield, and I'd love to teach you a bit about it.
Harnquist: But you'll need some steel first.
Harnquist: Go and get thirty ingots.
Harnquist: That's right, thirty.
Harnquist: If you have stock, melt them and recast into ingots.
Harnquist: I'll be waiting here.
YOU: I've got the steel, and now?
Harnquist: Now, now is when the fun begins.
Harnquist: Heat some ingots up in the forge, not too much, and make a pair of good bands.
Harnquist: To do this, you'll need a few lessons in blacksmithing.
Harnquist: I will train you for that.
Harnquist: Once you are skilled enough, you can make bands yourself.
Harnquist: You'll also need a good amount of skill in shield making.
Harnquist: Trasok Starhammer in Ojaveda can train you for that.
Harnquist: If you already have these skills, for now you can use a Catalog of Shields to help you do this.
Harnquist: So, you take seven heated ingots and hammer them using the anvil into three shield bands.
Harnquist: Present them to me once you're done.
Harnquist: Remember, you'll need two for this task but seven ingots makes three bands.
Harnquist: One thing you'll find as a shield crafter is you can make many of these parts then use them as needed.
-You make 3 Shield Bands.-
YOU: Am I doing it right?
Harnquist: Pretty good.
Harnquist: Now you should get two edgings.
Harnquist: For this, you'll need thirteen ingots.
Harnquist: That will make four edgings.
Harnquist: Again, heat the ingots then hammer them at the anvil.
Harnquist: Shouldn't be hard for you, huh?
Harnquist: Come on, I will wait for you.
-You make 4 Edgings.-
YOU: And here I present you the edgings.
Harnquist: Nicely done, YOU.
Harnquist: The last thing you'll need will be a shield shape.
Harnquist: Make one using ten ingots and then come back to me so I can tell you how to finish your Valiant shield.
-You make a Shield Shape.-
YOU: Here's the shape. Do I need anything else?
Harnquist: Good!
Harnquist: Now, have these.
-Harnquist hands you a wooden piece and a handle.-
Harnquist: This is a shield core and handle.
Harnquist: The core holds all the parts of the shield together.
Harnquist: I don't normally sell either of these but I happen to have a few on hand.
Harnquist: Check with other smiths when you want to stock up on some.
Harnquist: If you make shields on a regular basis, it's a good practice to keep a good amount of such supplies handy.
Harnquist: Now you use the preparation table to take two bands, two edgings, handle, shape, and core and combine them to a Valiant Shield Kit.
Harnquist: Then hold the kit and use the riveter to put it together.
Harnquist: Have this book so you will remember the process in the future.
Rewards: 1 Wooden Shield Core, 1 Shield Handle, 1 Valiant Shield Diagram, 25 Faction with Crafting Association, 13600 XP.