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The value of Gobble Ears
Required: 1 Tefusang Hide.
→ Go to Gorbiak
YOU: Do you speak common?
Gorbiak: I speak common good!
Gorbiak: I learn it from a book!
Gorbiak: You help Gorbiak more, yes?
YOU: What must I do?
Gorbiak: I find many dead gobble in sewers.
Gorbiak: Dead gobble with no ears!
Gorbiak: Why take ears?
Gorbiak: You find out why ears wanted and tell me!
→ Go to Levrus Dahrenn
YOU: What do you use gobble ears for?
Levrus: That's quite simple.
Levrus: Gobble ears are used to make glyph sacks.
→ Go to Gorbiak
YOU: glyph sacks
Gorbiak: Ear makes SACKS?
Gorbiak: I no like!
Gorbiak: You find new sack material!
Gorbiak: New sack material!
Gorbiak: No ears!
-Gorbiak stomps on the ground.-
Gorbiak: You find and tell me!
Gorbiak: Go now!
→ Go to Hirenn Darmeth
YOU: If you had to use a new material for sacks, what would you use?
Hirenn: Try giving me one hide. I'll see what happens.
→ Give Hirenn Darmeth 1 Tefusang Hide
Hirenn: Let me see now.
-Hirenn attempts to make a sack.-
Hirenn: Success!
Hirenn: In fact, I think it works even better.
Hirenn: You may have the first one.
→ Go to Gorbiak
YOU: Here's the sack.
Gorbiak: YES!
Gorbiak: No ears!
Gorbiak: You do very very good job!
Gorbiak: You gobble friend now!
Gorbiak: Come back and give me more help later.
Gorbiak: You take!
Rewards: 25 Faction with Seeds of Wildwood, 5130 Tria, 13600 XP.