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Thorian's Shield
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Thorian Gronk
YOU: Greetings, any jobs I can help you with?
Thorian: Well, I have a shield I need to repair, and old Harnquist is in debt with me, so he will fix it for free.
Thorian: As you may imagine, this isn't really my shield, but I run a small business of finding old shields, getting Harnquist to repair them, and then selling them.
Thorian: You will just have to tell Harnquist something blunt and he will do it.
Thorian: Are you up to the task?
YOU: I'll get old Harnquist to repair the shield.
Thorian: Good, I cannot expose myself too much around Harnquist.
Thorian: Take this shield and give it to him.
Thorian: If he's not willing to repair it, tell him 'The Spine will know.' If he refuses, just show him some muscles: you look strong enough to beat him.
-Thorian chuckles.-
→ Go to Harnquist
YOU: your name gives Harnquist the shield.
Harnquist: Thanks for this shield, what do you want me to do with it?
Harnquist: It looks a bit damaged.
YOU: Can You please repair it.
Harnquist: That will be 30 trias for the work.
Harnquist: Is that fair?
Possible Ways: 2
Way 1:
YOU: yes
Harnquist: Perfect.
Harnquist: Just give me 30 trias and I will repair it.
Harnquist: Alright.
Harnquist: Harnquist quickly repairs the shield.
Way 2:
YOU: No, that is way to much.
Harnquist: Eh, you want it for free?
-Harnquist is rather surprised.-
Harnquist: Did someone ask you to come and get me to repair this?
YOU: It's Thorian.
Harnquist: Ah, he is troubling me…
Harnquist: And he has no reason to do that.
Harnquist: I don't want to repair this shield for free.
YOU: The spine will know.
Harnquist: Well…
Harnquist: Still with that old story…
-Harnquist looks around with suspicion and his voice is less firm.-
Harnquist: Very well, I will do that again.
-Harnquist starts to work on the shield. He hands you back the fixed shield.-
Way 1, 2:
→ Go to Thorian Gronk
Thorian: Here is the fixed shield.
Thorian: Ah, you are back with the shield!
Thorian: Looks nicely repaired.
Thorian: Obviously don't expect any money from me.
Thorian: I needed it done for free.
Thorian: Thanks.
Rewards: 8000 XP.