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To Hear a Whisper
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Relliom
YOU: Anything else I can do?
Relliom: My my.
Relliom: Such a thirst for power in your eyes.
Relliom: I am truly amazed that you have not flinched once in the tasks you have performed for me.
Relliom: Or perhaps I should call them tests.
Relliom: Yes, tests would be a far better word.
Relliom: You see, you have been set up from the very start.
Relliom: We have been watching you for some time now, Torol, and it has been decided to allow you to take the final step into greatness.
Relliom: Will you take that step?
Relliom: Will you take your rightful place within the Hand of your new Master?
YOU: Yes, ready and willing.
Relliom: Such passion!
Relliom: A rare find you are turning out to be.
-Relliom grins.-
Relliom: You have proven that you will steal, lie, destroy lives, and even kill to get what you wish.
Relliom: You have also proven to be very obedient and clever.
Relliom: All very useful traits.
Relliom: Now you will find out what happens to those who fail to impress us.
Relliom: Go to Kisatol Gathoji in Ojaveda.
Relliom: Tell him these exact words, 'I am a thirsty clacker.'
→ Go to Kisatol Gathoji
YOU: I am a thirsty clacker.
Kisatol: Are you now?
Kisatol: You look more like a worthless goujah to me.
Kisatol: I don't have any use for goujahs.
-Kisatol leans close, dropping something in your hand, and whispers 'Viscarina'. He then wrinkles his nose as if smelling something bad.-
Kisatol: You even smell like a goujah!
Kisatol: Now get out of here before I split you open just to see if you taste as bad as they do!
Kisatol: Worthless scum.
→ Go to Viscarina Shardis
YOU: gives Viscarina the tlorate potion.
Viscarina: Greetings, Kran.
Viscarina: The whisper has guided you to me at an opportune time…
-Viscarina holds up the potion.-
Viscarina: Ah, excellent.
Viscarina: You brought it.
Viscarina: Of all those who follow the whisper, only a few can truly hear it.
Viscarina: In order to keep the others placated we must find means of keeping them…
Viscarina: ignorant to the silence in their mind.
-Viscarina starts diluting the potion and separating it into vials.-
Viscarina: Not many make it past the Shadowcaster's test.
Viscarina: Entering a person's mind has…
Viscarina: detrimental effects on the weak willed.
Viscarina: I envy her talent.
Viscarina: Oh, what horrible wonders I could create in a man's mind if I could do as she does.
-Viscarina smiles as she hands you the vials, then notices the look on your face.-
Viscarina: Relliom did not tell you?
Viscarina: What a tricksome man he is.
Viscarina: Ask Sysial Shillor about her gift, if you must know.
Viscarina: In the meantime, give one of these to each of the others, starting with Serana.
Viscarina: The others love to think they are following a strict structure, so do as they say and make sure you give them all out.
Viscarina: Afterwards, go to Relliom.
Viscarina: I am sure he has a few…
Viscarina: things to talk with you about.
→ Go to Serana Tuvi
YOU: gives Serana a vial of diluted tlorate potion.
Serana: Ah, YOU I take it?
Serana: Of course you are, who else would have the vials…
Serana: I do feel the presence of the Whisper on you…
Serana: Like with Relliom.
Serana: You will be great if you so choose, YOU.
-Serana gives you a cold grin.-
Serana: I shall enjoy watching you…
Serana: Give the next to Musanulos.
→ Go to Musanulos Terfanis
Musanulos: The vials!
Musanulos: Thank you, YOU…
Musanulos: Yes, we all know your name here.
-Musanulos quickly drinks down the contents of the vial.-
Musanulos: We are the lowest of the Whisper's faithful, YOU.
Musanulos: You, though, you may become great.
Musanulos: Jolik Huevan gets the next vial.
→ Go to Jolik Huevan
-takes the Vial from you and dumps the contents down his throat.-
Jolik: Oo tho vool, bron tho noxt to N'holoee.
→ Go to Nohali Mirdasu
Nohali: Greetings, YOU.
Nohali: Nice to see you around…
-Nohali takes the vial and places it next to another one on her belt which is only half finished.-
Nohali: Will you make the right decision?
Nohali: I'm sure you will.
Nohali: Bring the next to Jirris Athano.
→ Go to Jirris Athano
Jirris: YOU!
Jirris: You..
Jirris: vials!
-Jirris greedily grabs his vial and downs it.-
Jirris: Good, wel…
Jirris: welcome.
Jirris: That is …
Jirris: if you j-join!
Jirris: …
Jirris: You should..
Jirris: The greatness is…
Jirris: awesome…
Jirris: To Finra you go…
Jirris: bring vial.
→ Go to Finra Neticlo
YOU: YOU gives Finra a vial of diluted tlorate potion.
-Finra gently takes the vial from you and slowly sips it down.-
Finra: The time is coming, YOU!
Finra: It is near.
Finra: Go quickly to Relliom.
Finra: He will tell you things!
Finra: Things of great wonder!
Finra: Run to him.
Finra: Tell him that you wish to hear!
→ Go to Relliom
YOU: I wish to hear more.
Relliom: I see you've talked to the Used.
Relliom: It's what we call those mindless lumps of flesh.
Relliom: Finra, Jirris, Fordanot, Nohali, Jolik, Musanulos…
Relliom: all used.
Relliom: Each one failed one of the tests you have taken.
Relliom: Serana passed them all, but knows a different lie, so is given to acting in an arrogant manner.
Relliom: She is unaware that she is just another stone on the board to be moved as I please.
Relliom: The truth is not what she believes.
Relliom: I'm offering you the chance to know the one true truth, YOU, and be raised above those worms of the sewers.
Relliom: This chance will never come again.
Relliom: It may cost you your very soul to hear it.
Relliom: So…
Relliom: do you want to know the truth?
YOU: Yes, I am ready.
Relliom: Excellent.
Relliom: You will never be allowed to serve another God, YOU, for you are now being ushered into the circle of the Whisper.
Relliom: I can not tell you more.
Relliom: The Whisper has much wealth, YOU.
-Relliom hands you a few coins.-
Relliom: This gift is only the beginning of your future power and wealth.
Relliom: From this day forth you may drink from the goblet at my side, and someone will then bring you to the altar.
Relliom: But, the first visit…
-Relliom grins at you as his dagger slips between your ribs.-
Relliom: The first visit is more violent.
Relliom: Farewell…
Rewards: teleport to Black Flame, 40 Faction with Cabal of Whispers, 12958 Tria, 17800 XP.