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Tokens of Regard
Required: one Gold Ingot, one Consumer Antenna, and 300 tria.
→ to Narwin
YOU: Greetings Narwin.
NPC: Good to see you Madam.
NPC: I see you've got more on your mind today than a greybeard's tale.
NPC: But y'see, that's just what I'm needing from you - a tale.
NPC: Well, help finishing one, anyway.
NPC: If you're willing to put a pair of swift feet and sharp ears to the task, you could earn us both a pretty bit of tria.
NPC: Will you help?
YOU: Sounds promising, I'm in.
- Narwin cracks a grin, which is barely visible on his creased face. -
NPC: That's the spirit!
NPC: I've got a wonderful tale to sell -ahem- tell; folk will come from all around to hear it.
NPC: Only problem is, it is a tale from long ago, and me mind's a bit fuzzy on the details.
NPC: It was in the upper reaches of the Stone Labyrinths, it was.
NPC: I was acting as a hired guard for some of my fellow Stonebreakers, who were mining a pretty vein of blue-green stone to finish off an ale hall.
NPC: We ran into a group of Hammerwielders, who were hunting a rumour that there were underground Ulbernauts to be found in the Stone Labyrinths.
NPC: They were chasing an Enkidukai's tail if you ask me, but never mind that.
NPC: So, the ale being low and the Labyrinth being hot as a forge, some…
NPC: sharp words were said by Stonebreaker and Hammerwielder alike.
NPC: That is, until a few Consumers showed up.
- The grizzled Stonebreaker pauses to take a breath. -
NPC: You with me so far?
YOU: Yes I am.
NPC: Good.
NPC: Well, as dwarves do in a tight spot, we grouped together and faced those ugly beasties.
NPC: It was a lucky thing that most of us already had our weapons drawn thanks to our -ahem- previous discussion.
NPC: It took a while, but we cleaved 'em all up and collected their bits to sell.
NPC: It was a long, sweaty journey back to Hydlaa, there being no ale and all, but we made it back and sent a Stonebreaker and a Hammerwielder each to sell off the bits.
NPC: We had ales waiting for them at Kada-El's when they got back, and we split up the profits then went our ways.
NPC: A good tale, eh?
NPC: But it's missing a bit, I think, and I can't remember any more.
NPC: How many consumers were there?
NPC: How many Dwarves fell?
NPC: I can't recall these things, but Grimal Bloodaxe might.
NPC: He was there, I know that much.
NPC: Will you go to Grimal and tell him I sent you, and note down what he says?
YOU: Will do.
NPC: Thank you kindly for giving these old legs a rest.
→ to Grimal
YOU: Narwin sent me.
NPC: That…
NPC: that…
NPC: thieving old charlatan!
NPC: He DARES ask a favour of me?
NPC: Oh, I'll tell him something, alright.
NPC: As a matter of fact, I'll tell you too, so you'll know better than to deal with frauds like that.
NPC: He's right, I was at that battle, and a noble fight it was, until we got back to Hydlaa.
NPC: Most of us went to the bar to cool our throats whilst waiting for the others to return with the tria, but a couple of Hammerwielders went to the forge to strike some battle tokens to commemorate the fight.
NPC: They made it back about the same time the tria did, and both clans had a merry time.
NPC: But when I was ready to leave, I went to pick my battle token up off the table and it was GONE.
- Grimal shakes his head sadly and pulls on a lock of beard, which clinks with all the battle tokens attached to it. -
YOU: So who took your token?
NPC: It may be an old wound, but it still aches.
NPC: As I said, my battle token was taken.
NPC: Since Narwin was the only Stonebreaker to leave the bar before I noticed its loss, and my comrades and I 'searched' the rest, I know it was him.
NPC: The guards showed up during the 'search', pulled our clans apart and hunted down Narwin.
NPC: He must have hidden it, because they didn't find it on him.
NPC: To keep the peace, the guards made the Stonebreakers pay for the loss, but that didn't get me my token, did it?
NPC: Ask that sneak Narwin about my token and just see if he isn't still a liar after all these years.
→ to Narwin
YOU: Grimal says you took his battle token.
- Narwin gives a start, turns pale, then hangs his head. -
NPC: It…
NPC: it would seem I had forgotten more than I realised about that battle.
NPC: I remember now.
NPC: I was a young sellsword, barely keeping food in my mouth.
NPC: The ale was flowing, but it did not ease my woe.
NPC: I was thinking only of what it would cost to sharpen my axes.
NPC: Then, I saw the glint of the golden token on the table, and I was lost.
NPC: I took it and left as quickly as I could.
NPC: When I heard the guards coming up behind me, I hid it, then retrieved it later and sold it to an unsuspecting Dermorian as a simple gold bauble.
- Narwin eyes glint, and his shoulders straighten. -
NPC: I can never make up for my treachery and shame, but I'll do my best.
NPC: Will you help me mend this wrong?
YOU: I will help you.
NPC: My thanks, YOU.
NPC: I think that the best thing to do is to get Grimal a new token, no matter how late and how little the gesture might be.
NPC: Trasok Starhammer could make one, but he will need a sketch of the original token.
NPC: I can give you that.
- Narwin produces a sheet of paper and begins to draw. When he is done, he holds it up for you to see. -
NPC: As you see, the front has two crossed hammers, in honour of the clan, and the back has two crossed Consumer antennae, in honour of the battle.
NPC: Trasok should be able to reproduce this.
NPC: Just give this sketch to him.
NPC: Please give me the token when it's done; I want to make sure it's perfect.
→ to Trasok
YOU: Can you make me a battle token of this sketch.
- Trasok raises his eyebrows as he examines the sketch. -
NPC: Hmmm…
NPC: an interesting commission.
NPC: None of my business, though.
NPC: I'll need a gold ingot to start work on it.
NPC: Bring one to me, and I'll be heating up the forge in the meantime.
YOU: gives Trasok the ingot.
NPC: Good.
NPC: I can do the design on the front with no problem, But I'll want a model for the back to do it properly.
NPC: Go fetch me a consumer antenna, and I'll finish this up for you.
YOU: gives the antenna to Trasok.
NPC: Nice work.
NPC: I'll just finish this up then.
- Trasok places the gold on the anvil and his hammer rings as the token takes shape. -
- Trasok stamps a design on each side and quenches the token in the tank before holding it out to you. -
NPC: All done.
NPC: That will be thirty tria, if you please.
- Trasok holds out his hand for payment. -
YOU: Here's your money.
NPC: A pleasure.
NPC: Come back any time.
→ to Narwin
YOU: I have the token.
NPC: Done already?
NPC: I am glad.
- Narwin holds the token up to the light. A sad smile crosses his face. -
NPC: It's just as I remember it.
NPC: Please, take it to Grimal, and if he asks about me, please tell him I am sorry.
→ to Grimal
YOU: I have a gift for you.
- Grimal weathered cheeks turn red, and his voice drops to a whisper. -
NPC: cannot believe this.
NPC: It looks just like my token.
- Grimal peers at it again. -
NPC: This is freshly forged.
NPC: Did Narwin have this made for me?
NPC: Please, tell me how this came about; did Narwin do this?
NPC: What did he say?
YOU: Narwin is extremely sorry about what happened.
NPC: I would never have believed it, after all this time.
- Grimal ties the new token in his beard, and as he does, the clink seems to distract him. He fingers another battle token which looks very old. -
NPC: We Hammerwielders are proud folk, but bow to honour when we see it.
- Grimal voice rises, ringing strong and clear. -
NPC: Narwin Molstagh of the Stonebreaker Clan has done much to redeem his honour this day.
NPC: Give him this gift to show that I forgive him and hold no more ill will.
- Grimal pulls the old battle token from his beard and examines it. -
- You see the crossed hammers on the front and the crossed rock picks on the back. -
NPC: This symbolises another old fray where Hammerwielder and Stonebreaker worked together.
NPC: Let it be so in the future, as well.
NPC: Please, take this to Narwin for me.
NPC: Stonebreakers don't normally wear them, but it is my wish that Narwin does, as a reminder of both bad and good.
→ to Narwin
YOU: gives Narwin the token.
- Narwin looks at the token and his eyes water. -
NPC: I do not deserve this, but I will respect Grimal's gift.
NPC: I'll wear it gladly and point to it whenever I tell of the folly of young Narwin Molstagh and the wisdom of old Grimal Bloodaxe.
NPC: Please, take this so that you might remember as well.
Reward: 2107 tria, 10800 xp, Battle Axe