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Trasok's Ancient Sword
Required: 4 Trepor Hearts.
→ Go to Trasok Starhammer
YOU: Need help with anything?
Trasok: Some time ago, an adventurer returned from the Stone Labyrinths with treasure, including magical items.
Trasok: I managed to identify and fix them all except one: a magical sword.
Trasok: It seems to be resilient to normal identification, and I need someone to find out more about it.
Trasok: Can you help me?
YOU: Yes, it sounds like a challenge.
Trasok: Very good.
Trasok: I think that the best person to help you with this is Grok Idon.
Trasok: Kra is a merchant and an alchemist of some repute that can usually be found on the road between Hydlaa and the Eagle Bronze Doors.
Trasok: Please find kra and give kra this sword.
→ Go to Grok Idon
YOU: Can you identify this sword?
-Grok takes the sword and twists the blade in the light.-
Grok: This looks like a very interesting weapon.
Grok: Who needs it identified?
YOU: Trasok Starhammer sent me to see you.
Grok: Ah, Trasok, I've made some good deals with him.
Grok: So let’s get at it, I will try my best to understand the nature of this sword.
-Grok rubs the top of an opal ring on a finger on kras left hand.-
-The sword starts to tremble.-
-It escapes Grok's hands and slashes at kra in a wide arc.-
-It seems to have little effect on kras stone body. After the slash, the sword drops to the ground, and remains still.-
Grok: What in the name of Talad was that?
Grok: The sword attacked me!
Grok: It seems to have a will of its own!
Grok: Was that a trick by you?
YOU: No, I am as surprised as you are.
Grok: Very well, I trust you.
Grok: There is one thing I felt during the process.
Grok: Even if it may sound strange, the sword tried to interrupt the identification.
Grok: It tried to slash me so the identification would fail for lack of concentration.
Grok: The problem now is, how can we continue with this?
Grok: The only person that can help is probably Levrus Dahrenn.
Grok: Go to him and tell him about the ancient sword.
Grok: There's a chance that he can help you.
→ Go to Levrus Dahrenn
YOU: I have something to tell you about a sword.
Levrus: Let me hear your story about this sword.
-Levrus listens, his eyebrows twitching as he does so.-
Levrus: Seems very interesting.
Levrus: Intelligent weapons are extremely rare, but clearly possible.
Levrus: I've encountered some in my career.
Levrus: This one seems to have a strong will and some magical protection to avoid full identification.
Levrus: Is it very important to know more about this sword?
YOU: Yes, it is a task I have to see through.
Levrus: Well, if you really care, then I can think of but one possibility.
Levrus: What I suggest is you somehow take the sword to the Death Realm, where all magic is different, so that perhaps the sword's enchantment will not hold.
Levrus: Surely one of its denizens will know of it.
Levrus: I wish you luck, and hope to see you alive again one day.
→ Go to Oriven Thamel
YOU: I have a story about a sword.
Oriven: I see.
-Oriven listens patiently.-
Oriven: That's quite a tale.
Oriven: So you want me to identify it?
YOU: Yes please, it is important.
Oriven: This information will not come without a price.
Oriven: Bring me four Trepor hearts, and I will identify the weapon for you.
YOU: The hearts you requested.
Oriven: Great, that's exactly what I needed for my next experiment.
Oriven: I can identify the sword for you now.
Oriven: Give me the sword.
YOU: Here's the sword.
Oriven: A few minutes, now be quiet.
-Oriven starts casting a spell. Some time passes.-
Oriven: Yes, I've learned a lot about it.
Oriven: The sword is indeed intelligent, and it seems to be currently sleeping or dead, possibly because of the Dark Crystal's presence.
Oriven: I was thus able to scan its inner magic.
Oriven: I can tell you that the name of the sword is 'Heenarty,' which means 'Black Horizon.' The sword is surely evil, and I will not suggest any mortal hold it for more than few hours, lest it corrupt his or her soul.
-Oriven frowns, then continues.-
Oriven: I've also learned that the magic word 'Kluutarius' seems to activate a spell on the wielder, making him reveal his inner thoughts.
Oriven: That's the reason why I'm handling it from the edge!
Oriven: Take the sword, and do with it what you will.
→ Go to Trasok Starhammer
YOU: The swords name is Heenarty.
Trasok: I see.
Trasok: That's an interesting name for a sword.
Trasok: Sounds ancient.
Trasok: Is the sword good, evil, or neutral?
YOU: Evil, with a heart as black as an eclipse.
Trasok: Ah, that's what I was thinking, and your finding is very important to me.
Trasok: I don't want to keep any evil weapons around me or my shop.
Trasok: Keep it.
Trasok: Perhaps in your travels you'll find someone who can purify, disenchant, or destroy it safely.
Trasok: Take this item as well.
Trasok: It was given to me by the one who found the sword.
Trasok: It is likely evil as well.
Trasok: Thanks again!
Rewards: 1 Darkness glyph, 1 Ancient Sword, 30 Faction with Smith Association, 15000 XP.