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Trasok's Special Axe
Required: 1 Small Battle Axe, 2 Coamti Blood.
→ Go to Trasok Starhammer
YOU: I'm here for the small battle axe you asked me to create.
Trasok: Ah, great.
Trasok: Did you manage to make one with the equipment I have upstairs?
YOU: Yes! I made it! Maybe you can check if it's good enough.
Trasok: Wow, you are a fast learner!
Trasok: Then please give me the axe, so I can inspect it.
YOU: Here it is.
-Trasok looks at the blade resting on his anvil with an expert eye, then hits it with a hammer and listens to the sound it makes.-
Trasok: Not too bad!
Trasok: You still have a long way to be an expert crafter, but it's great to see you making progress!
Trasok: Congratulations.
YOU: How is your axe project proceeding?
Trasok: Good you asked.
Trasok: My friend used your Tefusang teeth and said those were very useful, but looks like few other pieces are missing.
Trasok: I know it's risky to chase and kill monsters, I really would do it myself but i don't like leaving my shop empty, so I have to rely on your help here.
Trasok: The next thing, and hopefully last thing I need are two vials of Coamti blood.
Trasok: Those will be used in the process of hardening the weapon.
Trasok: Please get those to me and I will reward you well!
YOU: Coamti are quite rare! But I managed to find what you asked.
Trasok: Great!
Trasok: Just in time, my wizard friend will be visiting in few hours.
Trasok: Thanks for all your help, here is your reward.
Rewards: 25 Faction with Smith Association, 5130 Tria, 13600 XP.