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Trasok's Wrinkled Riddle
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Vladovic Chel-Astra
YOU: I thought I'd stop by and see if you have any errands.
Vladovic: Indeed, I have a small errand.
Vladovic: I have arranged for Trasok the smith to construct a new alchemical furnace for me.
Vladovic: My old knees would complain all the day down the hill and back.
Vladovic: Perhaps you'd be willing to visit the smithy and check with Trasok for me?
YOU: Yes, I’ll to see him as soon as I can.
Vladovic: Splendid.
Vladovic: Thank you for being so helpful.
→ Go to Trasok Starhammer
YOU: Vladovic sent me to check on his alchemical furnace.
Trasok: Huh?
-Trasok looks up with some confusion. His beard is in disarray.-
Trasok: Eh?
Trasok: What're you getting at?
Trasok: Oh, yes, the furnace for…
Trasok: for…
Trasok: for Vladovic..
Trasok: Ehhh…
Trasok: it's not done yet.
Trasok: I was working on it yesterday morning but I can't work right now.
Trasok: Can't work…
-Trasok rubs the side of his head, frowning and looking at nothing in particular.-
YOU: What's wrong? Why can't you work?
Trasok: A friend of mine and I exchange puzzles, and this time he's sent me an ulbernaut of a riddle.
Trasok: I barely slept last night for worrying at it.
-Trasok looks at his hands and mutters what sounds like 'Behead me… trees?'-
Trasok: Uhh, tell Vladovic..
Trasok: blast…
Trasok: tell him if he can help solve this riddle, I can finish his furnace!
-Trasok digs a battered page of a letter from his apron pocket and gives it to you.-
Trasok: There.
Trasok: Give him that, maybe two heads'll be better than one.
Trasok: Tell him it's got me stumped.
→ Go to Vladovic Chel-Astra
YOU: Trasok needs help with this so he can get back to work on your furnace.
Vladovic: What's this?
Vladovic: Rather wrinkled…
-Vladovic smooths the sheet and holds it out at arm's length to read it.-
Vladovic: When I am whole, I am strong and safe.
Vladovic: But behead me once, and I am become a place of meeting.
Vladovic: Do so again, and I then am the partner of ready.
Vladovic: Restore me, and then I am the domain of beasts.
-Vladovic looks at you with a puzzled expression.-
Vladovic: A riddle?
Vladovic: But…
Vladovic: why?
YOU: Trasok can't solve it and it's keeping him from working.
Vladovic: Too tough for Trasok, eh?
Vladovic: No wonder the smithy's been so quiet today, he's probably too distracted to work with hammers.
-Vladovic chuckles.-
Vladovic: I'm not sure my old wits will prove any sharper, but I suppose we can give it a try.
Vladovic: Let me know if you guess it.
-Vladovic slowly leans on the counter and studies the riddle in silence.-
YOU: stable
Vladovic: A stable…
Vladovic: by the Gods, I think you've got it.
Vladovic: That fits!
Vladovic: Had you heard this one before?
-Vladovic straightens slowly, wincing and putting a hand to his lower back.-
Vladovic: Eeeh.
Vladovic: Here.
-Vladovic says: Take that back to Trasok and tell him the answer.-
Vladovic: That was not very difficult!
→ Go to Trasok Starhammer
YOU: gives the wrinkled riddle to Trasok.
Trasok: Oh, bringing it back, eh?
Trasok: Did you come up with an answer?
YOU: Yes, we figured it out.
Trasok: Ah, really??
Trasok: What is it!?
-Trasok listens attentively.-
YOU: The answer is stable.
Trasok: Ah!
-Trasok eyes widen and he smacks his forehead with the palm of his hand.-
Trasok: Yes!
Trasok: Gah, I feel like a lumphead.
Trasok: I was looking at it in all the wrong ways.
Trasok: I see it, I see it.
Trasok: Stable, then table, then able.
-Trasok Starhammer shakes the wrinkled riddle in his hand and bounces on his toes a bit.-
Trasok: Ahh!
Trasok: Now I can get back to work!
Trasok: Wonderful, Sir, my thanks to you and Vladovic!
Trasok: Hang on, let me send him a note.
-Trasok quickly writes a note to Vladovic and gives it to you.-
→ Go to Vladovic Chel-Astra
YOU: Trasok sent this note back for you.
Vladovic: I hope he was pleased with our answer.
-Vladovic squints at the note and deciphers the scribbled writing.-
Vladovic: Oh.
Vladovic: It certainly seems so.
Vladovic: He'll be delivering the furnace personally as soon as it is finished; he says that he won't charge me a tria.
Vladovic: Well!
-Vladovic smiles at you.-
Vladovic: And I certainly could not have done it without you!
Vladovic: I would like you to have this; it is in exchange for your astute assistance!
-Vladovic gives you several coins.-
Rewards: 40 Faction with Science Association, 12958 Tria, 17800 XP.