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Twice Coveted Traditions
Required: Complete Relliom's quest by giving the Jade Enkidukai Figurine to Hirenn.
→ Go to Relliom
YOU: Is there something else I can do?
Relliom: I must say I am slightly disappointed in your actions.
Relliom: Not at all what I expected.
Relliom: But in light of my forgiving nature, I feel moved to offer you another chance.
Relliom: Do you wish to accept my kindness?
YOU: Yes.
-Relliom smiles, a slight flare around his cold eyes.-
Relliom: Edrich Sultov has another figurine I need delivered.
Relliom: Go and tell him you are there to pick up that delivery.
Relliom: I know what you did with that item last time.
Relliom: I trust your judgment to be in line with my will.
Relliom: The birds will surely sing if you please me.
→ Go to Edrich Sultov
YOU: I was sent to pick the delivery.
-Edrich nods in understanding.-
Edrich: It is odd that another figurine arrived for Relliom so soon.
Edrich: It was rushed to me just moments before you came.
Edrich: There must be a lot of those Enkidukai ceremonies going on.
Edrich: Please take it to Hirenn Darmeth in Ojaveda again.
-Edrich pauses, looking uncertain.-
Edrich: Ervin Fromaad dropped by not too long ago as well.
Edrich: He doubled his offer if I could get him one of those figurines.
Edrich: But I am an honest man.
Edrich: I am sure you are just as honest.
Edrich: It seems Relliom almost always sends a new face every time he wants one of these sent.
Edrich: It makes me wonder.
Edrich: Never mind me.
Edrich: Just a touch fretful paranoid, I suppose.
Edrich: Be careful on your way to Ojaveda.
→ Go to Ervin Fromaad
YOU: gives Ervin the jade enkidukai figurine.
-Ervin drops the figurine unceremoniously in a pocket.-
Ervin: I seem to be short of tria today, but I think this should more than cover the expenses.
-Ervin smirks and hands you a familiar-looking note.-
Rewards: 1 Bird Note, 20 Faction with Cabal of Whispers, 12200 XP.