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Tyrus Broke a String
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Tyrus Beaut
YOU: Hello again, do you have any jobs that need doing?
Tyrus: Greetings, Diaboli.
Tyrus: I do have need of you.
Tyrus: My harp has broken a string.
Tyrus: This is typical, even with the strongest of harps.
Tyrus: However, I have but one more string with which to repair it, so I require a spare.
Tyrus: I will reward your efforts.
Tyrus: Will you agree to fetch me one?
YOU: Yes, where can i get one.
Tyrus: Please see Hirenn Darmeth.
Tyrus: He trades in animal hides and might be able to help.
Tyrus: Ask him about ulbernaut sinew.
Tyrus: My harp holds court often, so only the strongest strings have any chance of lasting any length of time.
→ Go to Hirenn Darmeth
YOU: I am looking for ulbernaut sinew, do you have any?
Hirenn: That, YOU, is a very difficult item to find.
Hirenn: I only get two or three pieces every few weeks, and I have just sold out.
Hirenn: The Mikana Trading company is a much bigger operation; you might want to ask Jirosh about it.
→ Go to Jirosh Mikana
YOU: I am looking for ulbernaut sinew, do you have any?
-Jirosh shakes his head.-
Jirosh: Sorry, Sir, I do have five of them, but they're spoken for by Brado.
Jirosh: I just haven't delivered them yet.
Jirosh: You might try asking him if he'll sell you one of his.
→ Go to Brado
YOU: I am looking for Ulbernaut sinew for Tyrus Beaut.
-Brado leans further forward, looking excited.-
Brado: Isn't that the Kran who put my granddam's old Serpent and Eagle tale to music?
Brado: I have been wanting to hear that, but this tavern would get torn to bits the minute I left, so I can't travel to hear it.
-Brado gets a calculating gleam in his eye.-
Brado: Having Tyrus Beaut perform that song in Ojaveda might get some of these young Enkidukai interested in something besides hunting, trading and causing trouble after a few too many drinks.
Brado: Tell you what, if you get the bard agree to play 'Serpent and Eagle' here, I'll give Tyrus a sinew for free, along with the usual performance fee.
Brado: Just ask the Kran if we have a deal.
→ Go to Tyrus Beaut
YOU: I can get a sinew but Brado requests you perform Serpent and Eagle in return.
-Tyrus ponders for a moment and then nods.-
Tyrus: An excellent arrangement!
Tyrus: That tale means a great deal to me.
Tyrus: I will be glad to share it with those who don't know it.
Tyrus: All Enkidukai should cherish their history, and it behooves me to help them do so.
Tyrus: Besides, Brado's offer is most generous.
Tyrus: Tell him I accept.
→ Go to Brado
YOU: Tyrus accepts your offer.
Brado: Hah!
Brado: This place'll be packed!
Brado: I'd best get the word out, and get a chair built for Tyrus.
-Brado winks and pulls a piece of parchment and a quill from within his desk and quickly pens a short note.-
Brado: Take this note to Jirosh and he'll give you one of my sinews.
Brado: Then you can take it straight to Tyrus.
Brado: That Kran's a professional; not one to skip out on an agreement.
-Brado smiles and waves goodbye.-
Brado: May your path be lit!
→ Go to Jirosh Mikana
YOU: Jirosh said I could have one sinew for Tyrus and gave me this to give you.
-Jirosh scans the note quickly.-
Jirosh: Interesting…
Jirosh: why just one sinew?
-Jirosh shakes his head.-
Jirosh: I will never understand artists.
Jirosh: I'll make sure to order more specifically for Tyrus with my next shipment; I bet kra will have use for them sooner or later.
-Jirosh rummages around in one of the many crates behind his counter and pulls out a tightly wrapped bundle, which he then hands to you.-
Jirosh: That's all in order.
Jirosh: Here's the sinew, and a good day to you.
→ Go to Tyrus Beaut
YOU: Finally, I have returned with your sinew!
Tyrus: A relief indeed!
Tyrus: While a bard might make due without an instrument in a pinch, I prefer to give this performance my very best.
Tyrus: I hope you will come take in the tale.
-Tyrus gives you a few coins.-
Tyrus: Have your well-earned reward, and take care, my good Diaboli.
Rewards: 30 Faction with Artists Association, 7310 Tria, 15000 XP.