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Unlawful Undertakings for Ukabnu
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Ukabnu
YOU: Anything I can help with?
Ukabnu: Back for more, eh, my clacker friend?
Ukabnu: Is there something terribly appealing about giving assistance to unwashed foul-mouthed exiles?
-Ukabnu makes a wry smile and shakes her head.-
Ukabnu: This time we will see more about how useful you are really willing to be.
Ukabnu: There is a certain family in Hydlaa, the gods rot their souls-
-Ukabnu turns her head and spits at the ground.-
Ukabnu: -some people in need of a few more of Ukabnu's 'favors'.
-Ukabnu smiles crookedly.-
Ukabnu: Willing to do a few 'honest folk' some damage, little clacker?
YOU: Sounds like fun.
Ukabnu: Good.
Ukabnu: Now listen.
Ukabnu: Here's what you need to do, my roguish rat.
Ukabnu: Deliver this interesting sample to Willam Chorind, Hydlaa's spotless city treasurer…
-Ukabnu flicks a crumpled page of figures to you.-
Ukabnu: …
Ukabnu: and tell this Sir Chorind that I have his missing book.
Ukabnu: If the greedy foot-licker doesn't want some errant and incriminating numbers to end up on the Vigesimi's desk, he'll just have to run a little errand for me.
Ukabnu: Tell him I want Saral crippled.
-Ukabnu smirks.-
Ukabnu: And bring me his fancy purse.
→ Go to Willam Chorind
YOU: gives William the page.
Willam: Hmm, what is this?
-Willam blinks and examines the page.-
Willam: This- this is from my missing accounts book!
Willam: Where did you get this?
YOU: From Ukabnu.
Willam: Ukabnu?
Willam: The bandit?
-Willam's face pales and he nearly drops the page of figures. He whispers 'She'll ruin me…'-
Willam: W-what does she want?
YOU: She wants Saral crippled.
Willam: C-cripple Saral Yangnk??
-Willam stares at you in disbelief and then looks away.-
Willam: I…
Willam: I can't do that!
Willam: I can't…
Willam: I can't let that book be seen.
-Willam looks back at you.-
Willam: How can you people be so cruel?
Willam: Why is she doing this?
Willam: By the gods, what will I do…?
Willam: Madness…!
-Willam looks down at his hands.-
Willam: Get away from me.
Willam: If you are done, go.
YOU: She also wants your fancy purse.
-Willam's eyes widen again and his pale face gradually reddens in a fury.-
-He tears his velvet-and-gold purse free and flings it at your feet.-
Willam: Take it then!
Willam: Leave me be, you twice-cursed blackguard!
→ Go to Ukabnu
YOU: gives Ukabnu the purse.
Ukabnu: Ahaa!
-Ukabnu grins and raises the purse in the air and calls out to her cutthroats.-
Ukabnu: Look what the rat's brought us, my beasts!
-The nearby bandits watch as Ukabnu lifts her blade to the purse and slashes at the bottom.-
-The blade parts the velvet with a snapping sound and a flash of brown light. Ukabnu laughs as several glyphs and coins fall free of the purse and onto the ground at her feet.-
Ukabnu: Not bad at all, my little rat, not bad.
Ukabnu: I am sure our dear friend Willam is in a churlish fit at this moment, wondering what he will do.
-Ukabnu pokes the glyphs with the armored toe of her boot and then stoops to claim the loot.-
Ukabnu: Now, if you will run but one more little errand for me, my helpful StoneBreaker rat, I may reward you with one of these.
Ukabnu: What say you?
YOU: Sure, what must I do.
Ukabnu: I thought you might like the sound of that.
-Ukabnu smiles crookedly.-
Ukabnu: Now, I want you to go run over hill and dale and find little Miss Nyshyn Klannarr.
Ukabnu: Tell her I sent you and remind her that it's time for her delivery if for some reason she seems to have forgotten.
Ukabnu: Do be nice to her.
Ukabnu: She seems to be afraid of me, though I'm not really sure why…
-One of Ukabnu's gang laughs nastily. Ukabnu smiles and cheerily yells 'Stuff it, trepor-kisser!' to him. She looks back at you.-
Ukabnu: Get a move on, my little rat!
→ Go to Nyshyn Klannarr
YOU: Ukabnu sent me to remind you of the delivery.
Nyshyn: Ah, yes.
Nyshyn: Umm
-Nyshyn looks you over.-
Nyshyn: You are working for her, are you…
Nyshyn: her, ah…
Nyshyn: delivery is almost ready.
Nyshyn: If you will visit my sister near the Eagle Bronze Door ruins, she has part of it.
Nyshyn: Just tell her to give you the green box.
Nyshyn: I will try and and work on the rest of what Ukabnu wants and see if I can finish before you return.
→ Go to Canyt Klannarr
YOU: Your sister wants the green box
Canyt: Er, yes, just a moment.
-Canyt leaps nimbly over a fallen stone and goes behind a ruined wall. She returns in a few moments with a small green box in her paw and gives it to you.-
Canyt: There you are.
Canyt: Safe travels to you, Madam.
→ Go to Nyshyn Klannarr
YOU: gives Nyshyn the box.
Nyshyn: Ah, good, thank you.
-Nyshyn unlocks the box with a small key and takes out an ornate blue-gemmed silver necklace. She chuckles at it and runs it through her fingers before passing it to you.-
Nyshyn: That'll fetch a few coins, won't it?
Nyshyn: There's the shiny part, and here is the dull part.
-Nyshyn gives you an antique longsword that is heavily corroded.-
Nyshyn: And as for my part…
Nyshyn: well, I am stuck.
Nyshyn: I am supposed to have an answer to her riddle but I haven't been able to solve it!
-Nyshyn murmurs 'The one who makes it, will tell it not…' She looks at you.-
Nyshyn: I won't tell her if you will help me, and then you can go.
Nyshyn: I have already been trying for hours and it's not coming to me.
Nyshyn: 'The one who makes it, will tell it not.
Nyshyn: The one who takes it, will know it not.
Nyshyn: Whoever knows it, wants it not.'
Nyshyn: She said it was something that she could hold in the palm of her hand.
-Nyshyn crosses her arms over her chest and frowns slightly in thought.-
YOU: fake coins
Nyshyn: Ah?
Nyshyn: Yes, yes, that fits!
-Nyshyn grins.-
Nyshyn: Very good, Madam, most pleasing.
Nyshyn: Then we are set, and you may return those three things to your mistress Ukabnu- the answer, the necklace, and the sword.
Nyshyn: May Talad light your path.
→ Go to Ukabnu
YOU: Nyshyn says the answer to the riddle is fake coins.
Ukabnu: Ha, yes, that's the answer.
Ukabnu: That milk-drinker looked very puzzled last I saw her.
Ukabnu: And the rest of the goods?
YOU: Here are the goods.
-Ukabnu grins and looks at the necklace for a moment before shouting.-
Ukabnu: 'LAURE!' Laure Eves turns her head just in time to snatch the necklace from the air as Ukabnu throws it to her.
Ukabnu: Ukabnu sneers and calls 'Pretties for you, M'Lady!'
-Ukabnu turns back to you with a chuckle and looks the sword over with a glint in her eye.-
Ukabnu: Now, my precious rat, it is time for you head homeward once again, this time with a trifle for your time.
-Ukabnu holds up her gauntleted hand, four glyphs dangling from it.-
Ukabnu: Which one shall it be?
Ukabnu: Take one and take your leave of us.
Rewards: 1 Summon glyph, 1 Weapon glyph[OR], 1 Entropy glyph[OR], 1 Sleep glyph[OR], 20 Faction with Thieves Organization, 3391 Tria, 12200 XP.