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Vaieund and a Book on Octarch Chess
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Vaieund
YOU: I'm looking for a quest!
Vaieund: Hail Stonehammer.
Vaieund: A quest eh?
Vaieund: I do not know if I have anything grand for you to do, but there is something I want.
Vaieund: Meoeor and I play Octarch's chess often and I have heard word that Jayose has penned a strategy guide that might help me to keep my edge.
Vaieund: Go to Hydlaa and find me a copy of this book and return.
Vaieund: If you can handle this, I will pay you more than fairly; I have quite a bit saved up from me adventuring days.
Vaieund: Do you accept the job?
YOU: Yes, I can go and see him next time I’m in Hydlaa.
Vaieund: Wonderful.
Vaieund: I would start at Jayose's if I were you.
→ Go to Jayose
YOU: Vaieund sent me to get a book of strategy on Octarch's chess.
Jayose: I truly wish I had one to sell, but you see the one copy I did have disappeared before I could have my scribes make more.
Jayose: I do not really have the time to go looking for it.
Jayose: Maybe you would have some luck in tracking it down.
Jayose: Ask some of the folks here in the library if they have heard anything.
Jayose: If you can track down the missing book and return it, I will give you a reward and make a copy of the book for you.
Jayose: Can you handle that?
YOU: Yes.
Jayose: Excellent.
Jayose: Ask my assistant Lori Tryllyn about a missing book.
Jayose: She's upstairs.
→ Go to Lori Tryllyn
YOU: What can you tell me about the Octarch's chess strategy book?
Lori: You're looking for that book too?
Lori: I work here, and I scribe the copies for Jayose.
Lori: The old coot probably set it down somewhere and forgot it.
Lori: Maybe you could ask Durok Rrecrok; just tell kra I sent you or ask kra about any strange people in the library.
Lori: Durok is probably downstairs.
→ Go to Durok Rrecrok
YOU: Lori sent me to ask you about the strange people?
Durok: Looking for that book, too?
Durok: I cannot say I have seen it, but I do think I saw a dodgy character in here about the time it went missing.
Durok: There are always tournaments of Octarch's chess and sometimes there are prizes for winning.
Durok: It might actually be worth stealing for those reasons.
Durok: I would ask Terea Lohdren.
Durok: She was visiting the library at about the time the book went missing.
Durok: I saw this shady man and I think she got a better look at him.
Durok: Just tell her I sent you or ask her about the dodgy fellow.
→ Go to Terea Lohdren
YOU: Can you tell me about that dodgy fellow you saw?
Terea: Ah, yes, Durok told me a book came up missing.
Terea: That explains a lot.
Terea: I saw a man who looked very much like he was of poor character in the library, so of course I was curious.
Terea: He only stayed a moment before leaving hurriedly.
Terea: I let him leave, but soon I decided to follow him.
Terea: He left the library district and headed toward the Laanx temple.
Terea: He snuck past Menlil and Sharven and jumped into the well.
Terea: I'm not so crazy to jump down there, so this is where I lost him.
Terea: I bet whoever this person is, he is hiding out somewhere in the Laanx dungeon.
Terea: If you find a shady looking man, just ask him directly about the Octarch's chess book or tell him I saw him.
→ Go to Zak
YOU: Tell me about the Octarch's chess book.
Zak: I knew that Talad follower was trouble.
Zak: All right, look, you have enough to cast suspicion on me, but there are no guards down here to help you.
Zak: If you want the book back, you have to do something for me.
Zak: I came across this bottle of Carrion Crawler Larvae, only I do not know what it does, so I do not know who to try to sell it to.
Zak: If you can, find out what it is used for and return and tell me.
Zak: I'll help you then and only then.
YOU: clean infectious wounds
Zak: Good good, the larvae will have some value then.
Zak: I have copied the most important parts of the book in the meanwhile, so I don't need it anymore.
Zak: Here you go.
Zak: In Yliakum, it is often wise to mind one's own business.
→ Go to Jayose
YOU: gives the book of Octarch's chess strategy to Jayose.
Jayose: Nicely done.
Jayose: Now to make you a copy.
-Jayose takes out a blank book and a glyph and begins an incantation.-
Jayose: Oh grains of time, save me mine and write this book for me.
Jayose: My pen hand is sore, and evermore, you score the page with glee.
-One of the quills on the desk animates, and the book is quickly copied.-
Jayose: Yes, there we have it.
Jayose: Here is your copy.
Jayose: Goodbye and good luck.
→ Go to Vaieund
YOU: Here is your copy of the stratgy book.
Vaieund: Nicely done.
Vaieund: Now Meoeor will never have a chance at the tournament.
Vaieund: Thanks and here is something special for you.
Vaieund: I do not know what it is for but it certainly looks important.
Vaieund: Farewell!
Rewards: 1 Keyhandled Dagger, 12200 XP.