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Vladovic Needs Dried Maajo
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Vladovic Chel-Astra
YOU: Hi, I am looking for a job.
Vladovic: I am nearly out of dried Maajo and I use an extract from it often to keep my old joints from aching too badly.
Vladovic: My usual suppliers are in Dsar Blikau; they have been unavailable for a while.
Vladovic: I've heard rumors of a plague or some such.
Vladovic: Hmm.
-Vladovic scratches his balding head and looks consideringly at you.-
Vladovic: Perhaps you'd be willing to run off to Hydlaa for me?
Vladovic: You can check and see if anyone there has some dried Maajo.
Vladovic: Eh?
YOU: Sure, I'll go.
Vladovic: Excellent!
Vladovic: I'd start with Liera, the Arena Alchemist.
Vladovic: If she has none to spare, she may know a person who does.
→ Go to Liera Zireti
YOU: Do you know where I can find some dried Maajo?
Liera: Dried Maajo plant?
Liera: Sometimes I have a good stock of that available, but I haven't much right now.
Liera: I usually send to Grok Idon when I need a batch.
Liera: Do you know where to find Grok?
YOU: Yes, I do.
Liera: Good for you.
Liera: Have a safe journey!
-Liera smiles and waves goodbye.-
→ Go to Grok Idon
YOU: Greetings, I have been told that you might have some dried Maajo to sell.
Grok: Salutations, friend.
Grok: Dried Maajo, hmm?
Grok: Who was it that needed it?
YOU: Vladovic needs some.
Grok: Vladovic?
Grok: You've traveled a ways for him.
Grok: Let's see…
Grok: Maajo…
Grok: yes, I bought some last week from a traveler.
-Grok looks through one sack, and then another.-
Grok: Ah, here is a tidy bundle of it.
-Grok hefts the bundle in a hand, judging its weight.-
Grok: I will sell this to him at a bargain, only two Golden Circles.
Grok: That's five hundred Tria, if you prefer the smaller coins.
YOU: pays Grok.
Grok: My thanks.
-Grok carefully counts the coins in a large hand and nods. He gives you the bundle of dried Maajo and a receipt of the sale.-
Grok: Feel free to look over my other wares while you are here, Madam.
→ Go to Vladovic Chel-Astra
YOU: Hi, again.
Vladovic: Eh, what's that?
-Vladovic looks up from peering at an old book.-
Vladovic: Well, hello there.
Vladovic: Have you found any Maajo for me?
YOU: Yes I have.
Vladovic: Excellent, let's have a look at it then.
YOU: gives Vladovic the Maajo.
Vladovic: Ah, dried Maajo!
Vladovic: And a nice-sized bundle too.
-Vladovic examines the plants for a moment.-
Vladovic: Roots, stems, and leaves.
Vladovic: Good quality.
Vladovic: This will supply me for a while.
-Vladovic looks at you.-
Vladovic: Who did you get it from?
YOU: grok
Vladovic: Oh, Grok is still in business then?
Vladovic: That's good to know.
Vladovic: Our good Kran must have given you a receipt.
Vladovic: Let's have a look at it.
YOU: Here is the receipt.
Vladovic: Not a bad price, could be worse indeed.
Vladovic: Thank you for finding this for me.
Vladovic: Here is some coin for your expenses.
Vladovic: And here, take these potions, if you like.
Vladovic: They are helpful when your head is feeling tired!
-Vladovic smiles and taps the side of his head with a bony finger as he hands you two Mana Potions.-
Rewards: 1 Potion of Mana, 35 Faction with Science Association, 9922 Tria, 16400 XP.