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Vresa's New Sword
Required: 1 Dark Circle Ring, 15 Coal Lumps.
→ Go to Vresa Nohdiir
YOU: Need anything doing round here?
Vresa: Hum yeah why not!
Vresa: Some of the gladiators here are getting better than I am at combat and I need a new weapon.
Vresa: Surely Harnquist can forge one for me.
Vresa: Give me a minute, I will write some specifications .
-Vresa writes a few notes down on a scrap of paper.-
Vresa: You can give him this paper and bring me back the sword.
Vresa: I will pay him later.
Vresa: Do you care to deliver this note?
YOU: Yes, I can head that way right now.
Vresa: Great!
Vresa: Now go get it, please.
→ Go to Harnquist
YOU: Vresa asked me to bring you this note.
Harnquist: Looks like a new order!
-Harnquist carefully reads the note.-
Harnquist: This request will be very difficult for me: she wants it delivered for the next tournament, and that's tomorrow!
Harnquist: I don't have enough coal for my furnace, and I need an already made blade as a starting point or I will never make it in time.
Harnquist: Now let's see.
-Harnquist ponders the situation.-
Harnquist: I got it!
Harnquist: There is one person that may have such a blade.
Harnquist: Barrin Dhorod.
Harnquist: Ask him about the experimental blade; he will know.
→ Go to Barrin Dhorod
YOU: What can you tell me about the experiment blade?
-Barrin looks at you suspiciously.-
Barrin: Hey, seems that you know too much about me!
Barrin: Who told you about my experiments?
YOU: Harnquist told me about it.
Barrin: Ah, then I know which blade you are speaking about.
Barrin: It's something I ordered from Harnquist for one of my experiments, it was quite expensive.
Barrin: Don't tell me he wants it back?
YOU: Yes, he does want it back.
Barrin: Well, I won't give it for nothing, it's a valuable blade!
Barrin: So let's make a deal, friend.
Barrin: I am someone that likes valuable accessories that look nice, even guady.
Barrin: I've heard of a band of rogues known as the Dark Circle that wear signifying rings.
Barrin: I believe such ring will suit my tastes.
Barrin: They are pretty hard to get, but if you can find me one to wear, I will give you this blade.
Barrin: Otherwise, no deal.
YOU: Here is the ring that you wanted.
Barrin: Perfect!
Barrin: I am bored of amulets: I have too many.
Barrin: But this is nice, and maybe I can even enchant it.
Barrin: Well, now it's time to respect my part of the deal.
Barrin: Here is the blade you asked for.
→ Go to Harnquist
YOU: I have all the coal and your blade.
Harnquist: Good, I have everthing I need.
Harnquist: I am impressed you were able to convince Barrin to give back such a nice blade.
Harnquist: Come back in a few hours the sword will be done.
-Harnquist begins to smith the sword in his furnace with the blade you brought him and heats up his furnace with the coals. Come back in a while and ask me if the sword is ready.-
YOU: Is Vresa's sword ready?
Harnquist: Yes, Vresa's sword is done.
Harnquist: Phew!
Harnquist: It's hot here.
Harnquist: I'll put the costs of the sword on her account.
→ Go to Vresa Nohdiir
YOU: Your sword is finished.
Vresa: Great!
Vresa: Thank you; that will help me a lot.
Vresa: It took a long time, but I finally have one.
-Vresa plays a bit with the sword, swinging it in the air and looking at you.-
Vresa: As usual, Harnquist does exceptional work.
Vresa: It was worth the wait.
Vresa: As a reward, I can give you a valuable glyph I got from a defeated opponent.
Vresa: I won't use it, because I'm not a spell caster.
Vresa: Thanks again; you have been very helpful.
Rewards: 1 Mind glyph, 3391 Tria, 10800 XP.