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Weapon Identification
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Gregori Stevald
YOU: I'm looking for work.
Gregori: I've had this greataxe that someone sold to me ages ago, and I think it may have some history.
Gregori: Will you take it around and see if anyone knows anything about it?
YOU: Yes, I can have an ask round for you.
Gregori: Oh, thank you!
Gregori: Take this axe and see if you can find out anything concerning its history or who it belonged to.
Gregori: You might try Harnquist in Hydlaa or Trasok in Ojaveda to start with.
YOU: What can you tell me about it?
Gregori: It was sold to me ages ago by an Ylian male whose name I can't recall.
Gregori: He was old then and has likely passed from this realm by now.
Gregori: He was accompanied by a dwarf; a smith, by his looks.
Gregori: They were both kinda quiet-like and the exchange was made without much ado.
Gregori: It's been a mystery ever since.
Gregori: To be honest, I put it away in the rafters and forgot about it for years.
Gregori: Didn't seem right to sell it, seeing how it was pretty old.
Gregori: I found it while cleaning.
→ Go to Trasok Starhammer
YOU: shows the greataxe to Trasok.
Trasok: Oh, my.
Trasok: I haven't seen a weapon such as this for a very long time.
Trasok: I don't exactly recognize it, but I can tell you that it's StoneHammer in origin.
Trasok: There is one other person in the area who might be able to tell you more.
Trasok: Her name is Nyshyn Klannarr, and she's usually found in Dsar Sarraghi or out in the wild exploring ruins or similar old places.
Trasok: But seeing as Dsar Sarraghi is closed, I'd try searching the ruins.
Trasok: You should try to find her.
Trasok: A word of advice: she doesn't work for free.
-Trasok strokes his beard as he thinks for a few moments.-
Trasok: You could also go and see Grimal in Hydlaa, he is an old veteran who might know about this weapon.
→ Go to Grimal Bloodaxe
YOU: Do you recognised this weapon?
-Grimal seems to perk up as holds the axe in his hands.-
Grimal: It's a wonder old axe.
-He rubs the blade with his sleeve.-
Grimal: See here.
Grimal: These marks were placed on a series of weapons made during an invasion wave from the Stone Labyrinths, I was allowed to use one for a short while.
Grimal: These are, or were, some of the finest blades made.
-Grimal squints and looks at the blade some more.-
Grimal: Sorry I can't tell you any more about this one specially, but good luck with your research.
→ Go to Nyshyn Klannarr
YOU: Do you think you could find anything out about this axe?
Nyshyn: Hmm, this is an interesting to say the least.
Nyshyn: Do you have any information for me to start with?
Nyshyn: With no idea it could take me a very long time.
YOU: Grimal said it was used by some exceptional warriors to fight off Stone Labyrinth invasions.
Nyshyn: Well that's certainly a nice start point.
Nyshyn: I could study this for a while and then I'll have your answer, provided that you can do me a favour.
Nyshyn: What say you?
YOU: Yes, what do you need?
Nyshyn: Great!
Nyshyn: I need some ink and paper for use in my explorations.
Nyshyn: I need to make notes and rubbings.
Nyshyn: I think you may find them at the library in Hydlaa.
Nyshyn: Please come back when you have the items.
YOU: Here is your ink and paper.
Nyshyn: Ah, that's what I need!
Nyshyn: Thanks so much for bringing it all the way out here.
Nyshyn: But then, I still have your axe, so you kinda had to, eh?
Nyshyn: Anyway, here's what I've learned about this weapon: it is indeed Hammerwielder in origin, as Trasok told you.
Nyshyn: What he didn't know is that it was made for an Ynnwn champion to wield in battle defending against invaders from the Stone Labyrinths beyond one of the Bronze Doors.
Nyshyn: I've detailed all the information on a scroll for you.
Nyshyn: Take it and the axe with my thanks for the opportunity to study it.
→ Go to Gregori Stevald
YOU: I've found out a lot. Here's your greataxe and its history.
Gregori: Ah, thanks for that.
Gregori: I'll go put it away.
-Gregori pauses to read over the scroll.-
Gregori: Oh, my goodness!
Gregori: You actually did find some history on this old thing?
Gregori: Wow, I never thought it was used in battle defending Yliakum from an invading horde!
Gregori: This is quite marvelous!
Gregori: Many thanks, friend.
Gregori: Please accept this for all your hard efforts.
Rewards: 2107 Tria, 9400 XP.