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What's up with the Carpets
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Brintec Dev-Onni
YOU: Hail, I am looking for some adventure, a quest of sorts.
Brintec: I'm a merchant my friend.
Brintec: I sell things, I don't have exciting jobs for adventure-seekers.
Brintec: But since you've mentioned it, yes, there is something you can do for me.
Brintec: I have to fill a big order, a rich customer from Hydlaa wants new carpets, all in blue color.
Brintec: The weaver was supposed to deliver the carpets yesterday, but he did not.
Brintec: You can find him and tell him I really need the carpets.
Brintec: He should be in his tent in the warehouse area.
Brintec: Are you interested in this simple errand?
YOU: I'll take it.
Brintec: All right.
Brintec: Let me know when you find something out.
→ Go to Bjorid Haakthir
YOU: Brintec wants the carpets.
Bjorid: Oh, Brintec wants them, does he?
Bjorid: And when he sent you here, did he at least give you the dye I need to finish the order?
Bjorid: So many blue carpets.
Bjorid: I used all the blue dye I had and it still wasn't enough.
Bjorid: Brintec promised that he'd send me another bottle, but it seems that he's forgotten all about it.
Bjorid: Tell him I need the blue dye first before I can finish these carpets.
→ Go to Brintec Dev-Onni
YOU: Bjorid needs the blue dye to complete the order.
Brintec: Blue dye?
Brintec: I thought I sent some…
Brintec: Brintec Dev-Onni notices a bottle of blue dye sitting next to him.
Brintec: Ah, I see now!
Brintec: I completely forgot to send it to him!
Brintec: It seems this errand, so dull at first, is becoming more interesting, isn't it?
Brintec: But let's not lose any more precious time!
Brintec: Please make haste and give him this bottle so he can send me the carpets as soon as possible!
→ Go to Bjorid Haakthir
YOU: [YOU give Bjorid the dye.]
Bjorid: Now that's more like it!
Bjorid: Yes, now I can continue my work.
Bjorid: Give this scroll to Brintec: it contains payment and delivery date information.
→ Go to Brintec Dev-Onni
YOU: Here is the delivery date information.
Brintec: Aha, yes.
Brintec: We should be able to fill the order in time.
Brintec: Thank you for your help; here's a little reward.
Rewards: 20 Faction with Crafting Association, 3391 Tria, 12200 XP.