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Where the Courrier Went
Required: Access to Death Realm (about 15 hours of game time).
→ Go to Londris Kolaim
YOU: Do you need help with something?
Londris: Dying to help me are you, Stonehammer?
-Londris sneers at you.-
Londris: Maybe I should keep you here.
-Londris thinks a bit.-
Londris: Then again perhaps I should send you to aid my enemies.
Londris: But even I am not that cruel.
-Londris laugh echoes through the room.-
Londris: But if you are going to loiter around here I may as well give you something to do.
Londris: Interested, little mortal?
YOU: Yes I am.
Londris: It said yes.
Londris: Now listen closely.
Londris: I dispatched a small package topside some time ago.
Londris: Apparently it has not yet arrived.
-Londris frowns.-
Londris: Inefficiency annoys me.
Londris: Now if you are not completely incompetent, you will find out what happened to it.
Londris: I left it with the Guardian to give to the courier.
Londris: Don't bother returning without results.
Londris: Now be gone!
→ Go to Death Guardian
YOU: Londris sent me to find out about the package.
Death: Mortal.
-Death Guardian stares vacantly into space.-
Death: Do I appear to you to be a clerk?
YOU: that you mention it.
Death: I see.
Death: Be that as it may.
Death: I recall the package.
Death: As to whom-
-The Guardian extends its arm and a rather large tome appears in its hand.-
Death: This tome chronicles the arrival and departure of all mortals who pass through this realm.
-The tome flips open and hovers in front of the Guardian.-
Death: This is the entry.
Death: One came here from the region you may know as the Eagle Bronze Doors.
Death: The same one left via the Dsar Akkaio portal carrying the package.
-The Guardian twitches with a sort of surprise.-
Death: Strange?
Death: The name has been blotted out.
Death: But I can tell you in appearance it was a female Dermorian wearing an embroidered black cloak.
Death: It identified itself by showing a ceremonial dagger consisting of a black chalcedony quartz of some sort.
Death: And now, mortal, we are done speaking.
-The Guardian abruptly turns away from you.-
→ Go to Kisatol Gathoji
YOU: I am looking for a female Dermorian that carried a package.
Kisatol: I do not see how it is any of your business.
-Kisatol takes half a step closer.-
Kisatol: Tell me who sent you and answer quickly.
YOU: Londris sent me.
Kisatol: Tell your employer there have been…
Kisatol: complications.
Kisatol: Shian Sulkin, the courier, has disappeared in Hydlaa.
Kisatol: No.
Kisatol: Wait.
-Kisatol mutters to himself.-
Kisatol: If she is alive we will find her.
Kisatol: If she is dead we will find her.
Kisatol: The package can rot, I need my dag…
-Kisatol stops and focuses his gaze on you.-
Kisatol: Hurry back to your master, Stonehammer.
-Kisatol thinks a moment.-
Kisatol: Inform him of the minor delay.
→ Go to Londris Kolaim
YOU: There is a delay.
Londris: This is preposterous!
-Londris seethes.-
Londris: The Onyx Dagger are supposed to be reliable.
Londris: We have proceeded too far for…
Londris: The Wanderer will not be pl…
-Londris stops abruptly.-
Londris: What was the name of the courier again, mortal?
YOU: shian sulkin
Londris: I wonder…
-Londris snaps a finger and a tome appears in his hand. He flips through it hastily.-
Londris: A Shian Sulkin died in Hydlaa a few days ago.
Londris: But she did not pass through here.
-For an instant fear flickers across his face. He hastily scribbles a note and places a seal on it.-
Londris: Deliver this to the Dark Wanderer as quickly as possible and you will have your reward.
Londris: Now go!
→ Go to Dark Wanderer
YOU: gives the Dark Wanderer the note.
Dark: What is this?
-The Wanderer waves his hand over the seal and it crumbles to dust. He peruses the note.-
Dark: I see.
Dark: Unfortunate.
Dark: There will be retribution.
-The Wanderer glares at you.-
Dark: You will speak of this to no one.
Dark: And take this for your service.
Rewards: 1000 Tria, 8000 XP.