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Willam's Lock
Required: 1 Diamond Crystal.
→ Go to Willam Chorind
YOU: Hi Willam, why do you look so nervous?
Willam: With this rash of robberies, I'm looking to have a strong box built in my house.
Willam: Building the box is straightforward, but I need a good strong lock for it.
Willam: I'm thinking of getting a magic lock. Think you could track one down?
YOU: Sure, I'll find you one.
Willam: Excellent.
Willam: Bring it back to me when you have it.
→ Go to Levrus Dahrenn
YOU: I am in search of a magic lock.
Levrus: A magic lock.
Levrus: Hmm.
Levrus: Easy to make, trickier to use sometimes.
Levrus: It's an enchantment, so it falls under the Red Way.
Levrus: But…
-Levrus rummages around behind the counter.-
Levrus: Ah yes.
-Levrus frowns.-
Levrus: Another one of those riddle scrolls.
Levrus: Well first on the list is a lock.
Levrus: A simple one will work best.
Levrus: Bring me one while I work on the rest of this.
Levrus: Harnquist is the closest spot to get one, I think.
→ Go to Harnquist
YOU: I need a simple lock please.
Harnquist: A lock?
Harnquist: A simple lock will cost 20 tria.
YOU: Alright, here's your money.
Harnquist: Ah, thank you and here you go.
-Harnquist gives you a basic sort of lock.-
→ Go to Levrus Dahrenn
YOU: Here's the lock you requested.
Levrus: Excellent, this will serve well as the base.
Levrus: Now I've been trying to figure this out.
Levrus: 'New from old, yet contains gold, placed within by no seam, yet inside you know it to gleam.' And the answer is not gold, you know, hehe!
-Levrus winks at you and waits for your first guess.-
YOU: egg
Levrus: Yes, that works…
Levrus: I know I have one here someplace…
-Levrus searches the shelves behind him for a moment and then takes an egg from behind a book and holds it up to look at it.-
Levrus: Ah, here we are.
Levrus: Now let's see, what is next?
Levrus: Something 'clearly hard.' What could that be?
YOU: diamond
Levrus: I should have known that!
Levrus: That looks to be that last big item on the list.
Levrus: Bring me one and it should be simple.
YOU: Here's the diamond crystal.
Levrus: There we are…
-Levrus mumbles some words over a crucible. He looks up with a slightly worried look on his face.-
Levrus: I'd duck.
-Levrus crouches behind his counter. The crucible merely gives off a puff of smoke.-
Levrus: Hmm.
Levrus: Should have been a bit more…
Levrus: energetic.
Levrus: But it is finished.
-Levrus reaches for the lock and looks it over before passing it to you.-
Levrus: The magic word is ligbameinntod, to both lock and unlock it.
→ Go to Willam Chorind
YOU: I have found you a lock.
Willam: Hmm yes.
Willam: This will do nicely.
Willam: And what is the magic word for it?
YOU: ligbameinntod
Willam: Excellent!
Willam: Here you go: for your effort in this matter.
-Willam gives you set of leather torso armor.-
Willam: Once people hear about my magic lock, I won't really need to protect my chest from daggers as much, so you can take it.
Willam: Thank you once again.
Rewards: 1 Leather Torso Armor, 1297 Tria, 9400 XP.