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Working with Rare Metals
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Gardr Keck
YOU: Seems we established a good collaboration, I'm ready for more.
Gardr: I agree and now I trust you enough to disclose some of the advanced knowledge on metals.
YOU: Yes! I'm all ears.
Gardr: There are different minerals present in Yliakum, some of which are very rare.
Gardr: You are already aware of coal, iron, tin, but there is also silver, gold, platinum and lumium.
Gardr: More importantly you can combine those metals through a special process and craft superior metals you can then use for weapons or armors.
YOU: I never heard about lumium, can you tell me more about it?
Gardr: Lumium is a special metal found in nature, which has a dark red color.
Gardr: When properly worked, this metal is beaten like copper, polished like glass, and looks like silver yet does not tarnish.
Gardr: It has a very high hardness.
YOU: Where can I find those rare metals?
Gardr: I'm sorry I'm not a miner, so my knowledge of mines is not very good.
Gardr: I usually buy the ores from merchants and then I smelt those to create the metals I need.
Gardr: If you find an expert miner he could tell you more.
YOU: Is there any special process to mine those metals?
Gardr: My mining knowledge is very limited, but for what I know you need to be a good miner to spot those rare ores, in terms of tools you just need a rock pick as usual.
YOU: What is the result of this special process you mentioned?
- Gardr Keck looks around quickly and starts to speak with a lower voice.
Gardr: Ok, I will tell you some details.
Gardr: There are three metal alloys I know of: platinum steel, blue steel and tigrain steel.
Gardr: The last is also called just tigrain at times.
Gardr: They are all very special, and different.
Gardr: The easiest one to craft is the platinum steel, but you need the right formula and the right process.
YOU: Platinum steel sounds interesting, can you tell me more about it?
Gardr: This is one of the simplest rare alloys to craft, at least compared to the others.
Gardr: Platinum can be used to harden steel and make a superior metal, but without the right amount and right metals you will never obtain something usable.
Gardr: The trick is to have a small part of silver into the mixture, which will react with steel and platinum.
Gardr: In the forge you have to use 1 ingot of silver, 1 of platinum and 4 of steel.
YOU: How can you forge Blue steel?
Gardr: Blue steel is a wonder to forge and to shape.
Gardr: The formula was created long time ago by a Stonebreaker named Draton, so it's referred sometimes also as Draton Steel.
Gardr: To make this metal you need to mix 5 ingots of steel, 3 of lumium and 1 of bronze.
Gardr: The resulting metal is incredibly hard and resistant to corrosion.
YOU: Can you tell me more about tigrain steel?
Gardr: This metal is very hard to melt since it has a high melting point and even the hottest fires cannot get that hot.
Gardr: The weird chemical reaction of lumium and silver with ulbernaut blood has been discussed by smiths and jewellers for centuries, until tigrain discovered the perfect formula.
Gardr: Tigrain was a notable scientist and alchemist.
Gardr: To make five ingots of tigrain steel mix: 2 ingots of lumium, 4 of gold, 2 of silver and 3 ulbernaut hearts.
YOU: I think I have learned enough about the alloys, I want to start forging!
Gardr: I was sure of that!
Gardr: But remember those metals are very expensive!
Gardr: You need a customer before spending money on this.
Gardr: Here is your book with basic techniques and knowledge for rare metals.
Gardr: You have proved to be humble enough to gain my trust Huarwar .
Rewards: 1 Working with Rare Stock, 2 Level in Metallurgy, 35 Faction with Smith Association, 9922 Tria, 16400 XP.