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Yonda's Delayed Delivery
Required: [Way 3] .
→ Go to Yonda Axebow
YOU: I am looking for a job.
Yonda: Well, perhaps you can help me, yes.
Yonda: I am waiting for a special shipment of material to come in.
Yonda: It is cut from the stem of a fungus that grows in the stone labyrinths.
Yonda: It grows…
Yonda: well, I do tend to go on about woods and things if I don't watch myself.
Yonda: Do you really want to know more about it?
YOU: Sure.
Yonda: All right then.
-Yonda smiles.-
Yonda: You see, the normouwerii grows very slowly, so the stem is thicker and stronger than most regular fungi.
Yonda: It is easier to work than many woods and has no real grain to speak of.
Yonda: But once it is completely dry, it takes a polish really well.
Yonda: It looks almost like granite if I get the right stems.
Yonda: I am expecting a delivery of normouwerii stems and the delivery is later than usual.
Yonda: I really need it to start work on a commission.
Yonda: Can you find out what is keeping it?
YOU: With whom do I need to speak?
Yonda: Taemian Yangnk at the Eagle Bronze Doors was supposed to bring it in to me.
Yonda: Check with him to see what is keeping the shipment.
Yonda: If you found a way to get it here soon, I'd glady reward you.
Yonda: Ask Taemian about my normouwerii stems.
Yonda: If you don't think you can pronounce that, just ask him about fungus or tell him I sent you.
→ Go to Taemian Yangnk
YOU: Yonda wants to know when she can expect her normouwerii stem shipment.
Taemian: I have her load of fungus stems right here and I've been trying to get it to her.
Taemian: But the leads for my goujah team have worn right through.
Taemian: So it looks like there are three options for her.
Taemian: You can carry it to her.
Taemian: You can help me get a working set of leads.
Taemian: Or she can wait.
Taemian: Since you are asking for her, which answer will it be?
Possible Ways: 3
Way 1:
YOU: she can wait
Taemian: Well, all right.
Taemian: Please tell her it will be in when I get my leads fixed.
→ Go to Yonda Axebow
YOU: it will be in when he gets his leads fixed
Yonda: Oh dear.
-Yonda frowns.-
Yonda: That's a shame.
Yonda: I will have to try and make some arrangements with my customer and look for another way.
Yonda: Thank you for looking into that for me.
Yonda: Here are a few coins for your time.
-Yonda opens her purse and takes out three coins for you.-
Way 2:
YOU: I think I should be able to carry it.
Yonda: This load of fungus weighs fifty kilograms.
Yonda: Can you carry that?
YOU: Yes, I can carry it now.
Yonda: All right.
-Taemian gathers up the bundle of pale green stems and staggers over to give it to you.-
Yonda: Uff…
Yonda: there you go.
Yonda: I'll collect the payment from Yonda whenever I manage to get into town.
→ Go to Yonda Axebow
YOU: gives Yonda the Normouwerii stems bundle.
Yonda: Oh my goodness!
Yonda: That is quite the load to have carried from the Eagle Bronze Doors!
Yonda: I hope Taemian is well: something must have happened to his caravan.
Yonda: Well, thank you so much for getting this normouwerii to me; I can start work today.
Yonda: In return, I'd like to offer you one of my very own carvings.
Yonda: I have this cute little wooden yulbar that I make regularly, or this wooden amulet of a velnishi head.
Yonda: Levrus once stopped by and claimed he enchanted this amulet, but I can't be sure.
Yonda: Please pick which one you would like!
[INFO]: The Amulet of the Velnishi gives you +3 Agility.
Way 3:
YOU: I’ll help you fix your leads.
Yonda: All right.
-Taemian gives you the broken leads.-
Yonda: Get these fixed and bring them back.
Yonda: Any leatherworker in Hydlaa would be able to do the work.
Yonda: Then she'll have her load of wood in short order.
→ Go to Jeyarp Grotemey
YOU: Can you fix these?
Jeyarp: Hmm, these look like they've seen a fair bit of travel.
-Jeyarp examines the leather of the goujah leads.-
Jeyarp: Simple enough, but there is a lot to do.
Jeyarp: It'll cost about one hundred tria.
Jeyarp: You may as well poke around Jayose's while I work on them.
-Gayla looks over and says 'I hear he has a new copy of the Octarchal decree on the Laws, well worth checking that if one doesn't want to be doing something illegal without knowing it!'-
-Jeyarp chuckles and winks at his wife Gayla, who gives him a small smile in return. Jeyarp waves the leads at you.-
Jeyarp: Come back in a bit and check with me about these leads.
YOU: Are they ready now?
Jeyarp: Yes, I just finished.
Jeyarp: They should have been fixed up before they got that bad, but they are good to go now.
Jeyarp: It'll be one hundred tria.
YOU: Here’s your money.
Jeyarp: Thanks for the work.
-Jeyarp smiles conspiratorially and lowers his voice.-
Jeyarp: It bought me a bit of time from having to look for boring old books!
-Jeyarp chuckles and gives you the repaired leads.-
→ Go to Taemian Yangnk
YOU: Your leads are all fixed up now.
Taemian: Thank you.
Taemian: Tell Yonda it'll arrive tomorrow.
Taemian: Here is some coin to cover the cost of the repairs.
-Taemian gives you three Octas.-
→ Go to Yonda Axebow
YOU: Taemian will deliver the stems tomorrow.
Yonda: That is wonderful!
Yonda: I was worried that I'd be waiting another week or more.
Yonda: What was keeping Taemian?
YOU: His Goujah leads were broken.
Yonda: Oh, I see!
Yonda: Did you help him to get those fixed?
YOU: Yes I did.
Yonda: My goodness, how very helpful of you.
Yonda: And helpful to me too - I look forward to starting work on that normouwerii tomorrow!
-Yonda opens her purse and takes out some coins.-
Yonda: These octa are for you, for helping to get things moving again.
Yonda: Oh, and this too: someone bought it for me but it isn't the right sort.
Yonda: Perhaps you will get more use from it than I would.
-Yonda gives you a wood chisel.-
Yonda: Thank you so much for your help, Madam!
Rewards: [Way 1] 20 Tria, 600 XP, [Way 2] 1 Wooden Yulbar, 1 Amulet of the Velnishi[OR], 15 Faction with Artists Association, 2107 Tria, 10800 XP, [Way 3] 1 Wood Chisel, 15 Faction with Artists Association, 2107 Tria, 10800 XP.