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Zak and a Box
Required: 1 Ruby Crystal.
→ Go to Pauril Rentaurin
YOU: Need any help?
Pauril: You wish to help me?
Pauril: Why would you think I need any help, Stonehammer?
-Pauril studies you for a moment.-
Pauril: I'm just minding my own business over here.
-Pauril's eyes bore into you.-
Pauril: Perhaps it would be better if you just move along, Stonehammer.
-Pauril suddenly flashes you the faintest of smiles.-
Pauril: Unless…
-Pauril ponders a moment.-
Pauril: I do have a small errand I need run.
Pauril: Nothing spectacular or heroic mind you.
Pauril: Just a small box that needs delivery if you really wish to help me.
-Pauril gives you an affable smile that belies the intensity of his gaze.-
Pauril: Will you accept such a humble undertaking?
YOU: Yes, where shall I take it?
Pauril: Here you go.
-Pauril hands you a plain metallic box with no hinges or visible lock.-
Pauril: Go to Zak.
Pauril: Give him the box.
Pauril: He might be uncooperative at first.
-Pauril makes a face.-
Pauril: Have noticed it with his type.
Pauril: If he blusters just tell him this: dead birds cannot sing.
Pauril: Knowing him, he will jump to the wrong conclusion.
Pauril: When he has opened the box, bring it back to me.
→ Go to Zak
YOU: This is for you.
Zak: What's this then?
-Zak fumbles around with the box a bit, examining it from all angles.-
Zak: Do I look like I collect junk?
Zak: This, whatever it is, won't fetch a Tria anywhere.
Zak: Don't waste my time with trinkets.
-Zak mumbles to himself.-
Zak: Harrumph!
Zak: Small time operators!
Zak: In my day we knew the value of…
-Zak remembers that you are there and looks at you mockingly.-
Zak: So where did you get this crown jewel, Stonehammer?
-Zak snorts.-
Zak: Harnquist's slag bin?
YOU: Dead birds cannot sing.
Zak: What the…
Zak: Zak stares at you with his mouth open.
Zak: You…
Zak: er…
Zak: but you're not one of them.
Zak: I know them all.
-Zak gets a bit hysterical.-
Zak: And I never told you that I know.
Zak: So don't ask me about them because I don't know!
-Zak composes himself a bit and examines the box again, this time taking more care.-
Zak: Mmm…
Zak: Ok it looks like a puzzle box of sorts.
Zak: I suppose they want me to attempt to open it, yes?
YOU: Yes, that was the order.
Zak: Look.
Zak: Here is the deal.
-Zak tries to look menacing.-
Zak: If I don't get this open, they'll have my hide.
Zak: And if they have my hide, I'll have yours.
-Zak continues all business like.-
Zak: A box like this cannot be lock picked in the normal way.
Zak: I need some special tools.
-Zak takes out a quill and paper and sketches and scribbles furiously for a few minutes.-
Zak: Give this to Harnquist.
Zak: He will be able to make what I need.
Zak: Don't worry about payment.
Zak: It's covered.
Zak: Now go and be quick about it.
→ Go to Harnquist
YOU: What can you tell me about these diagrams.
Harnquist: Well,well.
-Harnquist peruses the diagrams.-
Harnquist: Now there's a name I haven't heard in a while.
-Harnquist taps his finger on the signature on the diagrams.-
Harnquist: Dwingle Stronghand!
Harnquist: Quite the locksmith and inventor in his day.
Harnquist: Proud family heritage too!
Harnquist: Disappeared off the rim a few years back he did.
Harnquist: He still has some credit with me so I can get started on this right away.
-Harnquist studies the diagrams some more.-
Harnquist: Wherever he went to, he has not lost his touch.
Harnquist: Brilliant design.
-Harnquist makes a few notes on the diagrams.-
Harnquist: I will need an uncut ruby for this.
Harnquist: If you can get one it would speed up work tremendously.
Harnquist: Will you get me one?
YOU: Yes, I will tend to it straight away.
Harnquist: Excellent!
Harnquist: I will start crafting in the meanwhile.
-Harnquist busies himself with the diagrams.-
YOU: Here is the crystal.
Harnquist: Good timing.
Harnquist: Just wait a few minutes.
-Harnquist places the ruby in some complicated looking crab like device and proceeds to make small adjustments.-
Harnquist: Needs a bit of a turn here…
Harnquist: And now that little screw over there…
Harnquist: Good.
Harnquist: All done.
-Harnquist puts the crab like device and some other small tools in a bag and hands the bag to you.-
Harnquist: And here is a little something for the crystal.
Harnquist: Regards to him.
-Harnquist turns away and shouts at one of the people at the forge.-
Harnquist: How many times have I told you!
Harnquist: The right tool for the right job!
→ Go to Zak
YOU: Your tool bag.
Zak: Now let's have a look at this.
-Zak sets out the tools in front of him and starts working at an incredible speed.-
Zak: Interesting!
-After a while he stops and holds out the box for you to see.-
Zak: Looks like a cube doesn't it?
Zak: But there are faint indentations on each face.
-Zak picks up the crab like device and twiddles with it. It starts glowing.-
Zak: Now look at the box again in the light.
Zak: See the shape of the indentations?
Zak: My guess is depending on how you hold the box and how you apply pressure on the indentations, something interesting may happen.
-Zak relaxes a bit and his old demeanour returns.-
Zak: Now you go tell…
Zak: them, that the box is as good as open but it will take a bit more time.
-Zak smirks.-
Zak: Now go before I show you how good I am with knives.
→ Go to Pauril Rentaurin
YOU: It will take bit more time, but it can be done.
Pauril: I see.
-Pauril looks carefully neutral.-
Pauril: Maybe you are not quite as useless as I thought you to be.
Pauril: I have something for you. What you do with it is up to you.
-Pauril hands you a miniature black dagger.-
Pauril: Life is filled with choices, isn't it?
Pauril: And here is a little something for your trouble.
-Pauril flicks you some Circles and a dark-coloured glyph.-
Rewards: 1 Shadow glyph, 1 Small Onyx Dagger, 1000 Tria, 8000 XP.