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Zhaomal Fears Raithen's Spell
Required: 1 Ulbernaut Heart.
→ Go to Zhaomal Shehan
YOU: I am looking for some work.
Zhaomal: It is said that outsiders who pay too much attention to the Shadow Squadron become naught but memories.
-Zhaomal pauses and looks you over.-
Zhaomal: I won't warn you twice.
Zhaomal: So do you really intend to stand here and ask me for work?
YOU: Yes I do.
Zhaomal: Are you so brave?
Zhaomal: So be it.
Zhaomal: I will give you a task.
Zhaomal: I am curious about something.
Zhaomal: I have been here a long time and I fear I have lost touch with the world outside.
Zhaomal: Raithen specifically is a matter worthy of investigation.
Zhaomal: He is preparing to summon some ancient creature or force during the crystal eclipse and I fear what that might be.
Zhaomal: Do you dare inquire into his past and try to find out what he intends to summon?
YOU: Yes I will.
Zhaomal: Glad to hear there are still a few with the audacity to peer into the life of a Shadow Squadron commander.
Zhaomal: When I was young, I was taught to never fall for a first impression, however deep or honest it seemed.
Zhaomal: I teach the Shadow Squadron trainees and prepare them to face the harsh leadership tactics of Raithen but I know little of his history.
Zhaomal: You seem to have traveled the realms a bit more than the average person has; perhaps you can assist me.
YOU: What do you want me to do?
Zhaomal: I know Levrus and Raithen have a history: maybe you can find out more than I can.
Zhaomal: Levrus does not speak to those who know Raithen in his new life.
Zhaomal: Maybe Levrus can point you in the right direction.
Zhaomal: I hope you can find significant information that adds to my knowledge of Raithen and his intentions.
Zhaomal: Even if you fail, return and tell me so.
Zhaomal: I will reward you for your efforts.
Zhaomal: Are you capable?
YOU: Yes I am.
Zhaomal: Acceptable.
Zhaomal: Go ask Levrus about Raithen.
→ Go to Levrus Dahrenn
YOU: What can you tell me about Raithen.
Levrus: I already spoke to someone today about Raithen.
Levrus: He was once my apprentice; I do not know anything more to tell.
Levrus: If you really need to know more about Raithen you can attempt to speak to his new master, The Dark Wanderer.
→ Go to Dark Wanderer
YOU: What do you know about Raithen's intent during the crystal eclipse?
Dark: Why would I speak to you at all mortal…let alone speak of such a man as Raithen?
Dark: Tell me who is so curious about Raithen…
Dark: Tell me…and I will give you a …
Dark: task …
-The Wanderer sneers viciously.-
YOU: Zhaomal
Dark: You…
Dark: speak the truth.
Dark: Good.
Dark: I need something to complete a…
Dark: Ritual that…
Dark: I do not have the…
Dark: Liberty to seek.
Dark: Go and find me the heart of an ulbernaut, return and give it to me.
→ Give Dark Wanderer 1 Ulbernaut Heart
YOU: Here's your heart.
Dark: Very good …
Dark: here is something for you.
Dark: Now …
Dark: go and can tell your puppet master Zhaomal that Raithen will save Yliakum.
-Dark Wanderer laughs evilly.-
Dark: Now if you combine this glyph with the mind glyph you will be able to peer into the souls of others, a talent I quite enjoy myself.
-The Dark Wanderer looks on you with cold disdain.-
Dark: Perhaps you will be of greater use to me another time.
→ Go to Zhaomal Shehan
YOU: It seems Raithen will save Yliakum.
Zhaomal: You heard that from the Dark Wanderer didn't you?
Zhaomal: Who knows what you did for him to get that information?
Zhaomal: Another person I sent on this task returned with the same answer.
Zhaomal: Confound it, trouble is brewing: I sense it.
Zhaomal: I suppose you have fulfilled your task; here's something for your trouble.
Zhaomal: However, I really don't appreciate that you're dealing with that man.
Rewards: 1 Humanoid glyph, -15 Faction with Guard, 3391 Tria, 12200 XP.